Church service scuffle prompts complaint against pastor

Rain Smith • Feb 18, 2015 at 2:30 PM

The blotter is derived from recent incident reports and central dispatch records of area police agencies.Sullivan County Sheriff's OfficeFeb. 12A woman called police on a babysitter, claiming the hired help refuses to return her child's things.An incident reported to police on Jan. 23 led to a woman's arrest. The suspect's husband advised that he was obtaining a divorce, but his lawyer found her previous divorce decree didn't go into effect until December. The complainant told police that at that point in time, he had already been married to her for five months. She was jailed on a warrant for bigamy.Feb. 15A Piney Flats man called 911 at 5:20 a.m., reporting that two or three masked men had entered his home and shot his mom. Subsequent questioning from dispatch and the response of officers determined everything was 10-4, "he thinks it may have been a dream."A man who was "drunk and arguing with his wife" prompted police response to their Bluff City home. The suspect, who had placed a handgun in his waistband, allegedly threatened to kill the woman and "anyone who came to his house." Police set up a perimeter near the residence, with two females eventually able to safely exit. After attempts through a PA system to coax the man out of the home, and multiple dispatch calls to his phone, he eventually exited and gave himself up. He was arrested and charged with aggravated domestic assault.Feb. 16A man reported that while he was in jail someone stole items from his home, including a TV and multiple guns. He suspected the thief was his wife.Kingsport Police DepartmentFeb. 15A man told police he had attended a church service earlier in the afternoon, but the pastor told him to leave because "he was there for the wrong reasons." When the man refused, the pastor allegedly "grabbed him by his belt and attempted to lift him out of his pew." After another member of the congregation "politely asked" that he leave, the man complied and departed. He declined to pursue assault charges against the pastor, according to police, but wanted a report on file so "his side was heard." Feb. 16After responding to a 911 hang up call on Waverly Road, police and fire personnel could hear a woman "yelling inside the apartment." Knocks solicited questions of "Who is it?" — but an additional four minutes passed before the door was opened. She then excaliemd "He ran out the back," although police had no idea who "he" was. No foot prints were observed in the snow at the back exit, and the woman stated no one else was in the residence. A search located a man hiding in the closet. He was arrested on an active warrant for violation of probation. While being escorted to a patrol car he "jerked away" and attempted to run, but fell down after making it approximately 10 feet. The woman was also arrested for false reporting, as she allegedly knew the man was wanted but stated he wasn't present.

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