Hawkins detective shoots victim’s dog after alleged attack during investigation

Jeff Bobo • Jun 28, 2013 at 3:44 PM

ROGERSVILLE — A Hawkins County detective investigating a home invasion complaint shot and killed the victim’s dog Wednesday after the dog reportedly attempted to attack the detective.

Detective Marc Bass was conducting a follow-up investigation Wednesday at 210 Holly Road in Mooresburg pertaining to a home invasion that occurred June 10.

Hawkins County Sheriff Ronnie Lawson said the complaint involved a white male entering the home of Melissa Wolfe without her permission during a supposed alarm system sales call.

“Ms. Wolfe stated (to the salesman) she would not make any decisions without her husband present,” Lawson said. “(Ms. Wolfe) stated the white male nudged her out of the doorway, entered the home and said he would wait on the husband to get home. She called 911 and the male fled the scene on foot.”

Bass arrived at 210 Holly Road on Wednesday for the follow-up investigation, and was knocking on the front door when a large husky dog ran at him from a white pickup truck.

“The large husky dog was showing signs of aggression by showing its teeth and growling at him less than 10 feet away,” Lawson said. “Detective Bass attempted to avoid the dog by going through the yard and around the dog. The husky continued to approach Detective Bass still showing signs of aggression by showing its teeth and growling. Detective Bass was in fear of his safety for the dog showing signs that it was preparing to bite Detective Bass.”

Added Lawson: “After Detective Bass attempted to avoid the husky dog and the dog continued to approach him, Detective Bass fired one shot from his service weapon protecting himself from the dog. The dog was struck in the mid-body area, yelped and ran off.”

Bass unsuccessfully attempted to locate the dog, and did not receive a response from Wolfe in the home.

Bass did, however, make contact with a neighbor and advised them of the situation, requesting the neighbor inform the Wolfes of the incident and have them contact the HCSO.

“Ms. Wolfe did call the Hawkins County Sheriff's Office after the incident and advised the dog was located under the mobile home deceased,” Lawson said. “Ms. Wolfe did confirm the dog routinely showed its teeth and growls while approaching people. The Hawkins County Sheriff's Office would prefer this incident did not occur, but the deputies will protect themselves when their safety and life is in harm’s way.

“This incident could have been prevented if the animal was confined to a fenced area or on a leash,” Lawson added.

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