Hawkins County man accused of dragging mule behind truck

Jeff Bobo • Oct 14, 2008 at 12:00 AM



CHURCH HILL — A Church Hill man was charged with DUI and cruelty to animals Friday evening after allegedly wrecking his truck in a ditch while dragging a mule behind it.

Hawkins County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Don Mitchell was called to Payne Ridge Road on Friday about 6:30 p.m. on a report of a man dragging a live mule behind his truck. While en route, Mitchell received another call that the truck had wrecked and the mule was loose.

Mitchell stated in his report that he observed Harry Evrett Richmond, 28, 346 E. Main St., Church Hill, walking along Payne Ridge Road and gave Richmond a ride back to his pickup.

On the way, Mitchell said he smelled an odor of alcohol coming from Richmond. Mitchell said Richmond’s speech was “rambling and slurred.”

“When we got to the scene he told me he had not been driving, and then he told me that he had been backing the truck with a mule behind it to turn it around and got it stuck in the ditch,” Mitchell stated. “The mule was walking loose at 515 Payne Ridge Road. It had multiple scrapes and abrasions on it from where it had been dragged on the asphalt.”

A witness told Mitchell he’d seen Richmond driving the truck and dragging the mule.

Field sobriety tests were administered to Richmond, and he was subsequently arrested. A Breathalyzer test allegedly showed his blood alcohol content to be 0.15 percent.

A check of Richmond’s record showed him to be previously convicted of three DUIs and one driving on revoked charge.

He was charged with DUI fourth offense, driving on revoked second offense, and cruelty to animals.

Richmond was released on bond and will be arraigned in Hawkins County Sessions Court on Oct. 22.

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