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Lancaster survives 'Concrete Jungle' for win

Jeff Birchfield • Apr 21, 2018 at 6:31 PM

KINGSPORT — Race winner Derrick Lancaster didn't have to look far to see how lucky he was to avoid most of the mayhem at Kingsport Speedway on Friday night.

As the Christiansburg, Va., driver posed with the trophy and checkered flag in front of his white No. 25 Chevrolet, the other cars around him weren’t in the same condition at the end of the 60-lap Late Model Stock feature in Model City Night at the Races.

The hood on the front of the No. 7 Ford of Robbie Ferguson, who was second before his car was disqualified in post-race inspection, was bowed up. Joey Trent, who wound up second, ended with the left front fender ripped off his No. 26 Chevrolet, and the right front fender was ripped off the No. 1 Ford of third-place finisher Zeke Shell.

Because no caution laps count toward the finish, the final seven laps of the race took over an hour to complete to clean up all the wreckage.

"It’s a pleasure to come up here and win,” said Lancaster, who took the lead when polesitter Michael Looney's car was bumped sideways at the start of the race.  

Kres VanDyke passed Lancaster for the lead on lap 31 and Shell traded sheet metal to take over second. But the action really picked up with eight laps to go when Shell got into VanDyke, spinning out both in turn 2.

A lap later, Trey Bayne ran over the front fender of Trent's car, causing significant damage. VanDyke was back to third when he and Wayne Hale made contact that sent Hale spinning, and track officials relegated both drivers to the back of the lead-lap cars.

Bayne was then up to third when he was spun by Bryson Dennis.

Ferguson said the drivers have to leave their feelings at home before coming to race at the three-eighths-mile concrete track.

"Three, four or five laps to go, you have to get in there and race,” the Jonesborough racer said. “Everybody that’s going to get their feelings hurt, they need to stay at home. People have to learn it’s a racetrack. It’s not follow the leader. You’ve got to push your car to the front. I’ve spent too many years doing this to lay over. I’m going to try to win the show.”

Despite the damage on the car, Trent was all smiles after the race. Shell came up and gave him a big hug after the two had a spirited battle for what ended up being second place. 

"The car wasn’t good and we were trying to hold on the first 30 laps,” Trent said. “When we got run over and it pulled the hood off, it just made the car come alive. It was making great horsepower and hooking up great. It was the best it drove all night and a lot of fun.”

Shell captured the pole with a lap of 14.923 seconds at 90.464 mph, but he had to start fourth with an inversion of top qualifiers .

Hale finished fourth and Ronnie McCarty, a two-time track champion from Kingsport, rounded out the top five.

Bayne, the 14-year-old brother of 2011 Daytona 500 winner Trevor Bayne, started 15th and finished 11th in the No. 21 Ford.

Mod 4

Kevin Canter, driving a black No. 3 Chevrolet with the classic Dale Earnhardt style paint scheme, passed Brad Ball for the lead on lap 17 of the 30-lap Mod 4 feature. Ball held off David Brown for what turned out to be the race win when Canter’s car failed post-race inspection because of a carburetor infraction.

Mod Street

Kevin Wolfe worked his way up from a sixth-place starting spot and won by just a half-car length over Royce Peters in the Mod Street race. Trey Lane finished third and Nick Cole faded when a part failed on his No. 63 Camaro and showered a stream of sparks down the frontstretch.

Pure Street

Doug Austin took over the top spot when leader David Strong got caught behind a pair of slower cars and then pulled away on the next restart for the win in the No. 18 Camaro. Strong was second, followed by Kevin Darnell.

Pure 4 

John Ketron led flag to flag in the first of twin 15-lap features for the Pure 4 Class. Dylan Bates held off Kenny Absher for second place.

Ketron passed Absher with two laps to go to win the second feature.



(Unofficial results)


1. Derrick Lancaster, No. 25 – Christiansburg, Va.

2. Joey Trent, No. 26 – Gray

3. Zeke Shell, No. 1 – Johnson City

4. Wayne Hale, No. 19 – Bluff City

5. Ronnie McCarty, No. 5 – Kingsport

6. Kres VanDyke, No. 15 – Abingdon

7. Terry Smith, No. 25 – Barbourville, Ky.

8. Nik Williams, No. 32 – Greeneville

9. Derek Lane, No. 28 – Kingsport

10. Darin Silver, No. 12 – Spruce Pine, N.C.

11. Trey Bayne, No. 21 – Knoxville

12. Bryson Dennis, No. 15 – Greeneville

13. Rick Pannell, No. 33 – Kingsport

14. Allen Hawkins, No. 14 – Kingsport

15. Mardy Roberts, No. 55 – Kingsport

16. Dillon Hodge, No. 5 – Kingsport

17. Joshua Gobble, No. 97 – Abingdon

18. Mike Looney, No. 87 – Catawba, Va.

Did Not Pass Post-Race Technical Inspection: Robbie Ferguson, No. 7 – Jonesborough


1. Kevin Wolfe, No. 17

2. Royce Peters, No. 42

3. Trey Lane, No. 9

4. Nick Cole, No. 63

5. Chase Dixon, No. 07

6. Rusty Clendenin, No. 27

7. Paul Shull, No. 48

8. Dennis Deese, No. 24

9. Steven Roark, No. 27

10. Gary Crumbley, No. 59

11. Alex Miller, No. 37

12. Sam Hurd, No. 11

13. Hannah Seal, No. 55

PURE 4, No. 1 (15 laps)

1. John Ketron, No. 27

2. Dylan Bates, No. 6

3. Kenny Absher, No. 11

4. Brandon Sutherland, No. 48

5. Bruce Crumbley, No. 33

6. Billy Ketron, No. 26

7. Jason Ketron, No. 28

8. Bucky Smith, No. 99

9. Craig Phelps, No. 00

10. Larry Stapleton, No. 15

11. Jimmy Thomas, No. 20

12. Dennis Stanley, No. 21

13. David Trent, No. 57

14. Chris Stine, No. 10

15. Josh Detwiler, No. 38

16. (No Name), No. 19

17. William Hale, No. 47

18. Nasty Jones, No. 13

19. Josh Collins, No. 77

20. Richard Quillen, No. 21

21. Thomas Chambers, No. 70

22. Paul Stanley, No. 40

23. Chad Jeffers, No. 38

24. Alexcia Ray, No. 99

PURE 4, No. 2 (15 laps)

1 John Ketron, No. 27

2. Kenny Absher, No. 11

3. Brandon Sutherland, No. 48

4. Dylan Bates, No. 6

5. Billy Ketron, No. 26

6. Jason Ketron, No. 28

7. Bruce Crumbley, No. 33

8. Bucky Smith, No. 99

9. Chris Stine, No. 10

10. William Hale, No. 47

11. Craig Phelps, No. 00

12. David Trent, No. 57

13. (No Name), No. 19

14. Josh Detwiler, No. 38

15. Paul Stanley, No. 40

16. Richard Quillen, No. 21

17. Larry Stapleton, No. 15

18. Josh Collins, No. 77

19. Alexcia Ray, No. 99

MOD 4 (30 laps)

1. Brad Ball, No. 17

2. David Brown, No. 13

3. Carey Brown, No. 31

4. Billy Duty, No. 1

5. Chris Amburgey, No. 7

6. Jimmy Acito, No. 57

7. Mitch Gibson, No. 06

8. Darrell Whitehead, No. 43

9. Larry Bowens, No. 18

10. Dennis Arnold, No. 7

11. (No Name), No. 22

12. Jessie Amburgey, No. 17

Did Not Pass Post-Race Technical Inspection: Kevin Canter, No. 3

PURE STREET (25 laps)

1. Rob Austin, No. 18

2. David Strong, No. 53

3. Kevin Darnell, No. 4

4. Jay Swecker, No. 77

5. Ricky Payne, No. 1

6. Jason Herron, No. 7

7. Brian Eggers, No. 74

8. Jessica Payne, No. 12

9. Duke Bare, No. 67

10. Penny Hurd, No. 11

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