Kingsport Police Blotter: Bounty hunter, city man exchange gunfire in Lynn Garden

Matthew Lane • Feb 10, 2020 at 12:07 PM

KINGSPORT — A brief exchange of gunfire took place at a Lynn Garden laundromat last week when two bounty hunters confronted a 37-year-old man they were searching for.

According to an incident report from the Kingsport Police Department, officers responded to the Soapy Sudz Coin Laundry on Lynn Garden Drive around 3 p.m. on Tuesday. Two bounty hunters for Volunteer Bonding Company — Jerry Rector and Ty Schneider — told police they were looking for Daniel McGuire of Kingsport.

The two men told police they went inside the laundromat and saw McGuire, then stepped outside to talk briefly and make sure they had their handcuffs. However, according to the report, McGuire walked outside, pulled a pistol from his waistband and aimed it at one of the bounty hunters.

Rector told police he drew his firearm and shot at McGuire, who then ran away, firing his weapon. Schneider said he pulled his firearm and tried to open fire but his ammunition was not loaded properly.

A woman at the scene told police she saw McGuire draw a pistol and point it at the two bounty hunters. The case has since been turned over to the KPD detective division.


Kingsport police responded to Allandale Mansion at approximately 1:30 a.m. on February 1 in response to an attempted armed robbery. According to an incident report, an officer spoke with the victim — a 21-year-old Kingsport man — who said he had been talking to a woman he met on Facebook, and that the two of them had met at the McDonald’s in Lynn Garden earlier in the evening.

The woman wanted to go to Allandale Mansion, where the two were going to have sex, as previously discussed through Facebook, the victim told police.

According to the report, the victim went to the mansion and was waiting for the woman to arrive. As he stood outside his vehicle, a man suddenly came up, jumped in his car and tried to start it. The attacker even pulled out a knife and cut the victim.

Eventually, the victim fled the scene, but noticed another car driving away nearby. Soon after, police located and stopped that car. The victim identified two of its three occupants: the man who attacked him and the woman he was meeting. Both were arrested, along with a 22-year-old Bluff City woman who was driving the car.


Kingsport police responded to the HMG campus on Stone Drive at approximately 12:40 a.m. on Tuesday. Security told police a 40-year-old man had been running through the parking lot and jumping over the fences.

An officer found the man sitting on the side of the road along Stone Drive. When questioned about his recent behavior, the man said he was “training” for martial arts. The officer noted in his report the man had constricted pupils and at times was speaking incoherently.

The man also said he took something. “I thought it was ibuprofen, but I don’t know who it was who gave it to me. I don’t think it was ibuprofen.” He was arrested for public intoxication and taken to the city jail.


A 73-year-old city woman recently told Kingsport police she had been scammed out of more than $11,000. According to an incident report, the woman bought some computer software two years ago for $500, but last month she received a call from the software company saying it was going out of business and wanted to refund the cost of the software.

The woman then allowed the caller to remotely access her computer, pulling up her bank information and depositing the refund into her account. However, according to the report, the company “messed up” and deposited $12,000 into the account.

The woman said she was asked to go withdraw $11,300 from her account and send it to the software company in New Jersey via UPS. She did. However, soon after she realized the company had withdrawn the money from her savings account and deposited it into her checking account. In other words, the money she sent the company was hers.

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