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Chris Bulle: Bringing a Fresh Perspective to the BMA

Suzi McKee • May 19, 2019 at 4:30 PM

Editor's Note: This is a paid political ad. Chris Bulle is an alderman candidate in the May 21 Kingsport Municipal Election. 

As a student at Dobyns-Bennett High School, Chris Bulle (pronounced bew-lee) enjoyed talking to everyone about their ideas on a wide range of topics. As Assistant Principal Julie Peters watched Chris mature into a young man who was passionate about his school, his commitments and his willingness to help those in need, she remarked to him one day, “Chris, you ought to be in politics!” Chris never thought about it much until recently when he announced his candidacy for Kingsport’s Board of Mayor and Aldermen race.

“I have always connected well with people of all ages,” Chris said with a smile, “so this is the next natural move for me to pursue in helping Kingsport to become an inviting place for people to live, work, and enjoy their lives.”

With an internship with Congressman Phil Roe and a short stint working on Senator Marsha Blackburn’s campaign on his resume, Chris is poised to bring a youthful, energetic approach to the BMA. “I’m not burdened by the past,” Chris explained. “Just because it’s always been done ‘that way’ doesn’t mean it has to remain the same for years and years.”

Chris wants to help set up Kingsport so people of different ages will want to raise a family here, enjoy their retirement years here, and experience a vibrant economy that makes life more enjoyable for everyone.

“We need to be thinking about plans 20 or 30 years down the road,” Chris explained. “I think we need a business task force in Kingsport composed of both successful and retired business owners who can offer advice to new entrepreneurs who need guidance from those who have hands-on experience,” Chris stated.

One of the leading talents that Chris Bulle will bring to the table if elected as an alderman is effective communications.

“We need to be explaining to the voters what we are doing, why we are doing it this way, and the benefits they will reap as a result of our actions on the BMA,” Chris explained. “We need to fix problems in the short term, but we also need to take a long-term look at situations and find ways to prevent them from happening again.”

Chris understands the struggle of being a candidate who has a regular job which keeps him from attending some of the midday events. “I’m on the clock during the day but as soon as I get back to Kingsport from my job at Bank of Tennessee in Bristol, I’m working diligently at events to meet voters and express my views on how to make Kingsport more attractive and economically efficient for them,” Chris explained.

With strong views on exceptional education, economic development, and being transparent as he works on the BMA, Chris is reaching out to the young voter in Kingsport for support. “Every vote counts and young people need to get involved so that their voices are heard as Kingsport’s leadership works to keep the best interests of every voter in mind with the decisions that are made. I offer a methodical and well-reasoned approach in my governing ideas.”

Chris is running for a position on the BMA so that he can bring a fresh, new perspective to Kingsport and to help foster its progress in retaining and attracting talent to our region. What makes Kingsport a special place? As Chris and his girlfriend Ashley King recently attend the Lynn View Little League KickOff, Chris recognized the fun and community spirit that people were enjoying. “The laughter of the children, the look on proud parents’ faces, and the spirit that seemed to be prevalent throughout the crowd made me realize that Kingsport is a very special place and I want to be a part of keeping it alive and growing for every citizen.”

Paid for by the Committee to elect Chris Bulle, Jeremiah Clark, Treasurer.

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