One-lane traffic in Weber City for the foreseeable future, VDOT says

Nick Shepherd • Jan 9, 2017 at 2:29 PM

WEBER CITY — Motorists traipsing back and forth through Weber City have no doubt noticed traffic has been reduced to a single lane on each side of Route 23 when passing over the North Fork of the Holston River. It is likely to stay that way for the near future.

The construction is part of a $6.5 million project to replace both bridges spanning the river. Vecellio & Grogan Inc. from Beckley, West Virginia, is the construction company charged with the task of replacing the bridges.

According to Virginia Department of Transportation Communications Manager Michelle Earl, removal of the old bridges is underway. And she said traffic will be reduced to one lane for quite awhile in the area.

The southbound bridge is currently be reconstructed, forcing motorists to use one lane in each direction on the northbound bridge. The speed limit has been reduced to 35 miles per hour in the construction zone.

The bridges were built in the 1940s and 1960s. There have been no updates made to the bridges since they were widened to four lanes in the 1960s. Williams said both bridges had reached the end of their life span and are ready for replacement.

The project was approved by the Commonwealth Transportation Board last year. The bridge carries approximately 24,000 vehicles per day.

The expected completion date of the project is Nov. 2018.

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