Motel residents accused of cooking meth in Alvis-Kilby warehouse

Jeff Bobo • Oct 26, 2015 at 3:41 PM

CHURCH HILL — Two residents of the Church Hill Inn motel were arrested Friday accused of manufacturing meth in a nearby former hardware store warehouse.

During Friday’s meth investigation the Church Hill Police Department arrested another two motel residents on drug possession charges.

CHPD Chief Mark Johnson said several people residing at the Church Hill Inn over this past month were suspected of drug activity.

Police had received reports of two individuals in particular — Dillon Cole West and Austin Douglas Sloan — who had allegedly been observed walking back and forth from their room to the former Alvis-Kilby warehouse; and from their room to Fudges Chapel Road where they met other vehicles.

Johnson said witnesses told his department that West and Sloan would make exchanges with occupants of vehicles at Fudges Chapel Road.

Shortly before noon Friday CHPD Detective Daniel Byington, HCSO Sgt. Brian Boggs, and Johnson were at Church Hill Fire Dept. Station 2 on Fudges Chapel Road near the Highway 11-W intersection when they observed Dillon and Sloan walking toward Fudges Chapel Road.

“As soon as the pair were able to see Boggs’ marked unit, they both turned around and began quickly walking back toward the Church Hill Inn on Volunteer Boulevard,” Johnson said. “We pulled out and went to check the subjects. During pat downs of the pair, a Pyrex dish was discovered under Dillon West’s jacket.

Johnson added, “West immediately began running — out the Church Hill Inn parking lot across Volunteer Blvd., and across both lanes of 11-W.”

Boggs caught West on Sturbridge Lane after a lengthy foot pursuit.

West was allegedly carrying a small silver container that had 2 1/2 orange pills that are believed to be Suboxone, two rolled up coffee filters, and a glass container with clear liquid substance that had a strong chemical odor.

The Pryex dish had black burn marks all over the bottom of it indicating that it had possibly been used to manufacture meth.

Sloan was detained by Byington in the parking lot. A jar of clear unidentified liquid was located concealed in his jacket pocket along with a syringe.

“We learned that West and Sloan had been staying in rooms at the Church Hill Inn,” Johnson said. “Officers searched the rooms finding several needles, a hot plate, and a red gasoline jug which can be used in the manufacture of meth. Our investigation led us to check the area of the old Alvis-Kilby property just west of the Inn.”

Johnson added, “Inside a vacant warehouse, we observed an area where meth had been recently manufactured, including buckets with liquid that had a chemical odor, tubing, and bottles with holes and tubing in the lids. The meth task force truck came to the scene along with HCSO narcotic personnel and disassembled the lab.”

West, 28, 1142 Volunteer Blvd., room 112, Church Hill, was charged with promotion of the manufacturing meth, possession of Schedule III narcotics, possession of drug paraphernalia, and evading arrest.

Sloan, 21, 1142 Volunteer Blvd., room 115, Church Hill, was charged with promotion of manufacturing of meth and possession of drug paraphernalia.

During that investigation the CHPD received information about drug activity occurring in room 205 at the motel.

During a search of the room, officer Chip Whitaker opened a flashlight, and found a small clear zip bag inside which contained a white powdery substance believed to be Suboxone.

Also found in the room were multiple syringes, spoons with residue, and lighters.

The room occupants — Erik William Kalinowski, 25; and Heather Nicole Anderson, 26 — were each charged with possession of Schedule II narcotics and possession of drug paraphernalia.

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