Reporting mom's statements, social media posts impede missing toddler investigation

J. H. Osborne • Feb 26, 2020 at 9:16 PM

BLOUNTVILLE — As of Wednesday afternoon, 15-month-old Evelyn Mae Boswell had not been found, and there was no new information to release from the investigation into her whereabouts, Sullivan County Sheriff Jeff Cassidy said during a press conference.

Cassidy said Evelyn’s mother, Megan Boswell, remained in jail on false reporting charges.

“At this point, most of you are aware we have received a number of conflicting, inaccurate statements from the mother, Megan Boswell,” Cassidy said. “Many of the statements Megan made delayed our investigation and also impeded our investigation on trying to find Evelyn.”

Asked how Megan’s statements had been inaccurate, Cassidy said, “Every time we talk to her, her story changes. Every single time.”

Cassidy said much of what has been reported by news outlets and posted on social media has come from statements by Megan Boswell, whose statements to police have been incorrect and conflicted, and not law enforcement officers, who he said have been working 24/7 since Evelyn was first reported missing eight days ago.

Cassidy said the Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office, Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, and Federal Bureau of Investigation have followed up on more than 500 tips. The sheriff stressed again that anyone with information about Evelyn Boswell should submit it to investigators by calling 1-800-TBI-FIND, not posting on social media.

“This is a very, very difficult case,” Cassidy said. “And a lot of stuff is coming through that’s just not accurate. A lot of stuff being reported and on social media has not come from our office. We want to release the most accurate information we can and be prompt in doing so.”

Cassidy did confirm authorities had searched a pond in Wilkes County, North Carolina. That’s where Megan Boswell’s mother, Angela Boswell, and William McCloud were arrested last week on theft charges when they were found in a 2007 BMW reported as stolen.

Megan Boswell’s father first reported Evelyn missing last Tuesday. Cassidy said the investigation indicates Evelyn was last seen on Dec. 11. Cassidy said he has stuck with that date because it is the one verified “by someone who has not lied to us.”