Six starving and abandoned animals rescued from Hawkins residence

Jeff Bobo • Nov 9, 2019 at 6:00 PM

ROGERSVILLE — The Hawkins County Humane Society rescued four dogs and two cats from a Mooresburg residence Tuesday, some of which were described by director Sandy Behnke as being starved almost to the point of death.

A Mooresburg couple were reportedly charged with six counts each of animal cruelty, but as of Friday the reports weren’t available from the Hawkins County Sheriff’s Office.

HCSO Cpl. Eric Pease responded Tuesday afternoon to a complaint of animals abandoned at a residence on Dean Road.

Behnke told the Times News Friday that Pease subsequently contacted her asking for someone to come retrieve the animals, or at least bring them water and food as soon as possible.

Behnke put out a call for help on Facebook and several people answered. Two vehicles with volunteers met Pease at the residence and rescued the four dogs.

“Three were on chains,” Benke said. “The yellow dog who we named Cooper had a chain wrapped around his neck and back legs, which were injured due to being wrapped up in the chains. It was difficult for him to walk, and he was so skinny. The beagle-hound mix (that they named Alex) was so emaciated, I feel one more day and he would not of survived. He was in the worse shape.”

Another dog that the HCHS named Sheba was also chained outside and was very thin, but Behnke said she is young and will recover quickly.

Behnke added, “There was one dog in the home: a puppy left without food and water. We named this pup Mochi. He is only about 3 months old. All animals were evaluated on arrival and given shots and wormed.”

Alex is still struggling to recover, but Sheba has already been adopted.

Behnke said Sheba will have a “wonderful, loving, inside home.”

After the dogs were rescued, it was reported that there were also two cats inside the home, which were rescued that night by volunteers Whitney Ferrell and Kendra Hall while the HCSO was at the residence.

“One of the cats only weighs a little over two pounds and was infested with ticks and fleas,” Behnke said. “While the two volunteers were on scene to retrieve the cats, the homeowners came back to the residence, where they were charged with six counts each of animal cruelty. Six animals were saved from hunger, neglect and the cold.”

Behnke added, “I want to personally thank Cpl. Eric Pease for seeing this heartbreaking situation and making the call to get these animals saved. He is the true hero here, but there are so many others that need our help.”

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