Kingsport police probe $30K embezzlement case

Rain Smith • Apr 5, 2019 at 12:01 PM

The blotter is derived from recent incident reports and central dispatch records of local police agencies.

Hawkins County Sheriff’s Office

April 1

— A man called police during an argument with his brother. He claimed that during the incident — which was over “fish tank rocks on a table” — his sister-in-law threatened to “cut his throat.” A responding deputy took no action.

— An officer visited a Rogersville mobile home park due to an intoxicated woman disturbing other residents. She could be heard inside her trailer “fussing and screaming,” then she ignored police commands to calm down. Eventually, she was arrested for disorderly conduct and had to be pulled from her home while clutching the doorframe.

Kingsport Police Department

April 3

— A man told police that when his wife relayed she wanted a divorce — and already had a boyfriend — he admittedly “lost it.” According to an incident report, he took out his frustration on her 2017 Acura SUV, using a tire iron to inflict $4,000 in damage to its body. He was arrested for felony vandalism.

— On West Stone Drive, an officer observed a car drive around a stopped school bus while its lights were flashing and cross bar extended. A traffic stop revealed that the driver had no license or insurance, netting his arrest. While being booked into jail, a pill was found in his pocket, netting a drug charge.

— At Food City on Clinchfield Street, police stopped a suspicious, shirtless man who had been running though the parking lot. Upon learning he had an active warrant, officers detained and handcuffed him, but he broke free of their grasp and attempted to flee. As he darted past Beef O' Brady’s, a patron exiting the restaurant tried to stop him. Both went to the ground, allowing officers to successfully arrest the suspect. He faces numerous charges, including resisting arrest, attempted escape and assault.

— Kingsport police were contacted by an attorney for a California-based IT company. He said the firm had terminated a Kingsport man who was working from home after discovering he had used a company credit for more than 300 unauthorized transactions. They included about $15,000 in food, clothing, medical bills, auto repairs and a manicure. A cruise had also been charged, with the vacation alone totaling an additional $15,000. An investigation is continuing with charges pending.

April 4

In the Kingsport jail, an inmate threw a cup of water at an officer and was charged with assault. The fluid was suspected of being “laced with fecal matter.”

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