Half-naked Kingsport woman found stomping on car

Rain Smith • Mar 14, 2019 at 1:15 PM

The blotter is derived from recent incident reports and central dispatch records of local police agencies.

Kingsport Police Department

March 7

At the Walmart market in Lynn Garden, a woman stole $7 in food and fled the store. A responding officer spotted her running into an adjacent wooded area and gave chase on foot, but she ignored commands to stop. As she approached the top of a rock cliff, the officer deployed a Taser to stop her and prevent her from falling. Along with the shoplifted merchandise, a spoon and partial pill were found in her possession. She was arrested on theft and drug charges.

March 9

At a residence on Highland Street, a man allegedly held a machete to his wife’s neck and threatened to cut her head off. He then threw a kerosene heater into a bedroom and tried to light the spilled fuel. He denied any wrongdoing, but due to evidence at the scene he was arrested for aggravated assault.

March 10

A man said that an acquaintance walked to his home and asked if his car was for sale. He told the other man no, then invited him in for dinner. After eating, the visitor allegedly took the Kia’s keys and title, then stole the car.

March 11

In the latest in a series of domestic assaults, a man tried to run his estranged wife and a friend off the road while they traveled on Fort Henry Drive. In the Food City parking lot, the suspect used his vehicle to block in the victims, then exited his car and became “verbally aggressive.” He eventually fled the scene but was located in a traffic stop, spurring his arrest for aggravated assault and stalking. While en route to jail, he threw a fit in the backseat, banging his head against the squad car’s window. He was additionally charged with resisting arrest.

March 12

— On Nall Street, a man called police and reported being stabbed three hours prior. He blamed the attack on a friend, whom he knew only by a first name, and said the wound was inflicted as he slept. He then displayed a “small wound with a trail of dried blood” above his knee — and advised he had been drinking heavily. The case was passed on to detectives for a potential follow-up.

— At about 9:30 a.m., dispatch was advised of a woman in the intersection of East Sevier and Midland Drive “wearing a black jacket and nothing else.” A responding officer found the suspect nude from the waist down and “stomping on the roof of a car.” She was also having conversations with people who weren’t there. Upon being questioned, she admitted to using meth. Deemed a danger to herself and the public, she was booked into jail on charges of public intoxication and indecent exposure.

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