Robbery suspects allegedly used Facebook romance to lure victim to apartment

Jeff Bobo • Feb 16, 2019 at 6:00 PM

ROGERSVILLE — The last of four suspects accused in the Halloween night beating and robbery of a man who was lured to a Hawkins County apartment under the pretext of a romantic connection was served Thursday with an indictment warrant.

The lone female suspect allegedly used communications on Facebook to lure a 42-year-old man to a residence at Cherokee Apartments on Route 66-S south of Rogersville.

After the victim arrived, the three male suspects allegedly burst into the apartment wearing ski masks, beat the victim and stole $40 in cash and his phone.

The suspects then allegedly fled in the victim’s vehicle, which was later found wrecked.

What the four suspects didn’t know at the time was the parking lot of the apartment complex was under video surveillance, and Hawkins County Sheriff’s Office deputies led by Detective Keith Long were able to identify the suspects from that footage.

All four were named in Dec. 1 grand Jury sealed indictments charging them with robbery, which was enhanced from a Class C felony (3-6 years)  to a Class B felony (8-12 years) due to multiple suspects being involved. 

Danny Ray Bledose, 34, 154 Cedar Hill Road, Rogersville was served with his indictment warrant and arraigned Thursday on one count of robbery in Hawkins County Criminal Court.

Bledsoe was then returned to the Greene County Jail, where he is facing unrelated drug trafficking charges.

Among his co-defendants are:

* Travis Shane Shattuck, 31, 154 Cedar Lane, Rogersville, who was arrested on Dec. 11.

* Haley Celeste Douthat, 24, 101 Seals Road, Rogersville, who was arrested on Jan. 1.

* Todd Andrew Caswell, 29, 117 Taylor Lane, Rogersville, who was arrested on Jan. 22.

All four had bond set at $100,000 and were scheduled for trial in Hawkins County Criminal Court on June 18.