DUI mom leaves child at Blountville crash scene

Rain Smith • Nov 13, 2018 at 3:07 PM

The blotter is derived from recent incident reports and central dispatch records of local police agencies.

Hawkins County Sheriff’s Office

Nov. 2

— During a domestic dispute in Mooresburg, a woman threw a cinder block through the window of her juvenile son’s room. To avoid being hit by the block and shards of glass from the broken window, he had to jump off his bed. When located, the suspect admitted to the incident, saying she has “had enough of her son.” She was arrested for domestic assault and child abuse.

Nov. 6

— A Rogersville woman filed a complaint about neighboring children, claiming they were “using some sort of electrical device that was causing her dogs to fight.”

Nov. 11

— When a man visited his camper in Mooresburg, he found someone had broken in, turned on the electricity and eaten a frozen pizza and french fries. No toilet paper was present, so the suspect apparently grabbed a pillowcase after using the restroom, then disposed the soiled linen in the garbage. Before departing, the burglar locked the doors.

Kingsport Police Department

Nov. 11

— A 43-year-old man reported that while walking on the Greenbelt, an unknown individual ran up behind him and swiped his cell phone, valued at $1,200, from his hand. A detailed description of the suspect could not be provided.

Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office

Nov. 10

— On Stone Drive, a deputy stopped a Jeep with a broken taillight and no license plate. The driver was then found to have a suspended license and was also in possession of syringes, multiple pipes, two types of a “clear liquid substance” and a white powder. He was arrested on several drug charges.

— On Pleasant Hill Road in Blountville, police found a Chevrolet Blazer lying on its side. Witnesses said that when they arrived at the scene, a juvenile was lying in the road and a woman was behind the wheel. She ran to her nearby residence, leaving the boy — her son — behind. He suffered minor injuries. Meanwhile, at the suspect’s home, officers could get no answer by knocking at the door, so they forced entry and found her on a bed with bleeding hands. She also smelled of alcohol and performed poorly on sobriety tests, netting her arrest for DUI. She was additionally charged with reckless endangerment, failure to render aid, failure to maintain control and driving on a revoked license.

Nov. 12

— At about 2:30 p.m., authorities were alerted to an explosion on Central Heights Road. Police found that a man had been drying clothes with a propane heater in a shed, then left it running when he went to take a shower in his house. That’s when he heard the explosion and found the outbuilding on fire. The incident was ruled accidental.

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