Rogersville counterfeiter caught in the act, but phony bills still surfacing

Jeff Bobo • Oct 24, 2018 at 7:00 PM

ROGERSVILLE — Hawkins County deputies serving a furlough violation warrant last week allegedly walked in on a man in the process of creating counterfeit cash using bleach, $1 bills and a printer.

So far this month Rogersville police alone have had eight reports of phony $10, $20 or $100 bills being passed in town. Another two fake $20 bills have surfaced in Church Hill.

On Thursday the HCSO went to the home of Robert Cody Hodge, 22, 411 Birdie Drive, Rogersville, to serve an arrest warrant.

Upon contacting Hodge deputies allegedly found him in the process of bleaching $1 bills, and then using a printer to turn those $1s into larger denominations.

"He stated he was in the process of making the money, and he intended to pass the money for services," HCSO Detective David Lafollette stated in his report.

Hodge was charged with criminal simulation, and as of Wednesday remained held in the Hawkins County Jail with no bond pending. Hodge was arraigned Monday and is scheduled to be back in Sessions Court on Nov. 7.

Despite the arrest counterfeit bills have still been popping up this week, including a phony $10 reported Monday by the First Community Bank in Rogersville from a cash deposit received from the Hawkins County Circuit Court Clerk's office.

Police said the money is easy to spot if you’re paying attention. It’s not “crisp” and the color is off. Businesses should be on the lookout because police believe there a lot more counterfeit bills currently in circulation.

Other recent counterfeit cash reports in Rogersville include:

• On Monday First Community Bank reported a phony $20 in a deposit from Pal's Sudden Service.

• On Oct. 18, the Food City Gas & Go on East Main Street reported a phony $10.

• On Oct. 15, the Food Center store on Route 66-S stopped a customer from using a phone $100 bill to buy groceries. The customer stated she got the $100 bill from a Rogersville man, and when police spoke to that man he claimed to have found the $100 near Terrace Apartments.

• On Oct. 15, a woman told Rogersville police she had sold her cell phone for $100 to a couple in a parking lot on Park Boulevard, and received a counterfeit $100 bill as payment.

• On Oct. 11, Gena's Hair Salon reported to the RPD that a woman with "blond stringy hair" had come in and asked for change for a $100, and only after the woman was gone did the owner realize the bill was fake.

• On Oct. 10, First Community Bank reported a phony $100 bill found in a deposit from Pizza Plus.

• On Oct. 4, First Community Bank reported a phony $10 from Arrowhead Market which the owner had spotted and separated from the rest of the deposit because he thought it was fake.

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