Bristol man loses leg in mower after attacking son with chainsaw

Rain Smith • Oct 11, 2018 at 9:28 PM

BLOUNTVILLE — A Bristol man has been released from medical care after being run over by a lawn mower three months ago, forcing amputation of a leg.

Now, he’s behind bars for allegedly trying to attack the mower’s rider — his son — with a chain saw, and forcing the son’s grisly act of self-defense.

According to a Thursday night press release from the Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office, Douglas Ferguson, 76, is charged with attempted second-degree murder. The incident that led to both his charges and injuries occurred on June 28.

Police report that when they were called to a home on Highway 421 in Bristol, Tennessee, Ferguson was found bleeding from his head and leg. Meanwhile, questioning of witnesses revealed that Ferguson’s son had been mowing on a zero-turn mower.

For unspecified reasons, Ferguson allegedly tried to attack his son with a running chain saw. SCSO investigators report the two men had an ongoing feud with several previous run-ins.

“The son defended himself against the attack by running over the suspect with the lawn mower,” states an SCSO press release. “The injuries that the suspect (Ferguson) sustained were as a result of the lawn mower striking and running over him.”

Det. Matt Harrison investigated the case and obtained a warrant for Ferguson’s arrest. Due to Ferguson’s injuries, hospitalization and rehabilitation, he could not be arrested until Tuesday. A violation of probation warrant was also served on Ferguson, with the probation related to a previous aggravated assault.

The bond amount on the attempted second-degree murder charge is $25,000. There is no bond for the violation of probation.

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