Bathroom behavior gets Kingsport man banned from mall

Rain Smith • Oct 1, 2018 at 3:23 PM

The blotter is derived from recent incident reports and central dispatch records of local police agencies.

Sullivan County Sheriff's Office

Sept. 27

A parent alerted the administration at Sullivan South to a Snapchat video from a student. They claimed it involved a handgun, but questioning of the suspect learned it was an airsoft pistol. He added that he waived it around while lip-synching to a song at his house and "did not intend to offend anyone" by posting it online. No discipline was issued, but he was advised to "never post anything like that again."

Sept. 30

At an apartment on Memorial Boulevard, residents reported an unknown woman had entered and "was making no sense." When a deputy responded, the suspect would not answer questions or open her eyes. When detained, she began "growling and barking." Ultimately, she was transported to the hospital for a mental evaluation.

On 19-E, a deputy spotted a shoplifting suspect that was wanted in Carter County. When a stop was attempted, the suspect sped away and ignited a lengthy pursuit, leading police onto Bluff City Highway, Silver Grove Road, Weaver Pike and Possum Creek Road. Multiple times, he reportedly passed other motorists on double yellow lines and eventually wrecked on a dead end off Flatwoods Road. After running from the scene, he was arrested at a nearby home on multiple charges, including reckless endangerment. Baggies and pipes in his possession netted additional drug offenses.

Hawkins County Sheriff's Office

Sept. 27

A man called police to his Church Hill home due to people "hiding in his attic." A responding deputy found the resident had "torn a hole in the bathroom ceiling" to try and found the intruders, but a search of the house failed to find anyone else present. Forty minutes later, the man called 911 again, this time saying people were hiding under the floor. For a second time, police found no one but the caller, who this time admitted to taking meth. He was arrested for false reporting.

Sept. 29

A couple on Sensabaugh Hollow Road made multiple complaints about people crawling in and out of their windows, hiding in the grass and climbing on their roof. On a third trip to the residence — when the female claimed a man, woman and two kids were holding her hostage — police arrested the pair for filing false reports. An incident report lists no motive or possible reason for their actions.

Kingsport Police Department

Sept. 30

As a man used the bathroom at Belk in the Fort Henry Mall, he noticed someone holding an iPhone over the top of his stall. He said that the suspect then placed his hand under the divider two separate times and "made a motion." Store staff were alerted to the incident and confronted the suspect. Before departing in his vehicle, he allegedly told the employees, "Well, I didn't take any pictures, did I?" A license tag was provided to police, who then visited the man's home. He admitted being at Belk but denied taking photos or videos. No images were immediately found, but his phone was confiscated as evidence. The suspect, age 60, was also banned from the mall for 10 years.

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