Wheelie-popping motorcyclist crashes on Kingsport highway

Rain Smith • Sep 10, 2018 at 3:33 PM

The blotter is derived from recent incident reports and central dispatch records of local police agencies.

Sullivan County Sheriff's Office

Sept. 6

When police tried to serve a warrant at a Bristol home, the wanted man swung a fire extinguisher at an officer's head, then grabbed a knife from the kitchen counter. He was disarmed and a struggle ensued, netting the suspect "several strikes to his abdomen and facial area." He was transported to the hospital for treatment of injuries, then booked into jail on new charges of assault and resisting arrest.

Kingsport Police Department

Sept. 7

— At closing time at Regions Bank in Colonial Heights, a man walked in and refused to leave. Employees said he was sweating profusely, had glassy eyes and was talking so fast that he couldn't be understood. Fearing for their safety, they walked outside and called police. Responding officers found him in the break room, hallucinating and "talking to the walls." After being arrested for trespassing and public intoxication, meth and pills were found in his possession. While being placed in a squad car, he tried to headbutt and bite an officer, spurring additional charges of assault and resisting arrest.

— When police were called to a restaurant on North Eastman Road, an employee described a customer who became "irate" about the service. The woman, who was accompanied by a young child, reportedly threw boxed up leftovers into the floor, then walked out without paying for their $13 meal. When an employee tried to stop her in the parking lot, she pulled forward in her vehicle and struck the employee in the leg. A license tag was given to police, and a potential suspect was identified. No charges were immediately placed.

— At about 6 p.m., officers responded to a motorcycle crash on South John B. Dennis, finding the rider of a 2008 Yamaha had hit a pickup. Witnesses said that just prior to impact, the 18-year-old had been "riding a wheelie" and traveling at a high rate of speed. Police were unable to immediately get his account due to injuries that required hospitalization, but a crash report cites his "reckless and irresponsible" actions as causing the incident. Charges are pending. Occupants of the other vehicle weren't injured, but their pickup sustained disabling damage and had to be towed from the scene.

Sept. 8

A clerk at a West Stone Drive gas station reported an attempted robbery. While taking out the trash, an unknown man approached and displayed a handgun, possibly a toy. Through a "heavy Southern twang," he then demanded, "Ya'll give me your money. I'm serious." In response, the employee pulled a knife from his own pocket and warned, "I am too." The suspect then fled on foot.

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