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Hawkins juvenile judge's law license suspension goes into effect

• Jan 10, 2018 at 5:23 PM

ROGERSVILLE — Hawkins County Juvenile Judge Daniel Boyd’s 120 day law license suspension, which has been pending since September, was approved Wednesday by the Tennessee Supreme Court and went into effect.

Hawkins County Sessions Judge J. Todd Ross is expected to preside over Boyd’s court while the latter’s license is suspended. 

Boyd was appointed juvenile judge in 2011 and was subsequently elected to an eight-year term in 2014.

The agreement he reached with the Tennessee Board of Professional Responsibility called for a three year suspension, with 120 days of active suspension and the remainder spent on probation.

Boyd will also be required to engage a practice monitor, obtain an evaluation by the Tennessee Lawyers Assistance Program, and enter into a monitoring agreement, if appropriate, and attend additional continuing legal education.

In September, Boyd agreed to plead guilty to ethical misconduct violations related to diligence, truthfulness in statements to others, and misconduct in regard to admitted “dishonesty” in his private law practice.

In one matter, Boyd represented a widow suffering from dementia concerning her husband’s estate. Over approximately five years, Boyd made false statements to the daughters of his client leading them to believe that he was taking actions in furtherance of his representation of their mother that he was not.

In another matter, Boyd represented an employee in a workers compensation claim. Other than filing a request for assistance, he took no action over a period of approximately five years to further her claim, and he made false statements to his client over that period leading her to believe that he was taking actions that he was not.

Boyd can resume serving as juvenile judge when the 120 day suspension is complete. Only the Tennessee General Assembly can remove a sitting judge through the impeachment process.

Rep. Gary Hicks (R-Rogersville) said he will take no action in regard to impeachment.

Hicks told the Times News in December, “I have complete faith that the Board of Judicial Conduct and the Court of Judiciary, the governing bodies which act on complaints against judges, will impose the proper course of disciplinary action against Judge Boyd.”

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