Hair bow theft suspect arrested again following 'bizarre' behavior at bank

Jeff Bobo • Mar 9, 2016 at 6:00 PM

ROGERSVILLE — A Hawkins County man who reportedly demanded $2,000 that he didn’t have from a Rogersville bank, spoke to invisible people, and returned twice after being told he was banned, allegedly bit a police officer and was Tasered while being arrested for criminal trespassing.

Rogersville Police Department Officer Travis Fields said he has had dealings with Dennis Wayne Everhart in the past, but he’s never seen Everhart in the condition he was in Friday morning at the Kingsport Press Credit Union.

Fields said Everhart’s family members have indicated to police that Everhart recently switched medication.

That may explain why Everhart, 47, 302 College St., Rogersville, was arrested under bizarre circumstances for the second time in two weeks Friday.

On Feb. 26, Everhart was charged with two counts of felony auto burglary after he allegedly entered two parked vehicles at the Hawkins County Humane Society.

He allegedly stole hair bows from one vehicle belonging to a high school student volunteering at the shelter and frightened the girl by telling her he was her “daddy.”

Shortly after 9 a.m. Friday, Rogersville police responded to a complaint of a male subject demanding money at the Kingsport Press Credit Union, 111 W. McKinney Ave.

Officer Andy Banks stated in his report that when he arrived he observed Everhart standing in the parking lot acting “belligerent” and “talking to people who weren’t there.”

A bank clerk stated that Everhart came to the counter and demanded $2,000, despite the fact that his account didn’t have nearly that amount.

Bank staff said Everhart was acting very strangely and making them feel uncomfortable.

Everhart was asked to leave due to his behavior, but came back. He was then asked to leave again, at which time bank staff closed out his account so he would have no reason to return.

He was then advised by Rogersville police that he wasn’t to come back to the bank property because of his actions.

“While we were talking to Dennis, he was having a conversation with a person next to him who wasn’t there,” Fields said. “He would mumble stuff and look over to his right and say something like, They can’t do this.’ ”

Minutes after leaving the second time, he returned to the bank lobby for a third visit.

Fields said he and other officers understood that Everhart may be having medical issues, and they tried to resolve the issue without arrest, but Everhart left them with no alternative.

“We were trying to be fair, thinking maybe this is a medicine issue, and we’ll give him the benefit of the doubt, and he agreed to leave again,” Fields said. “I went back in the bank and was talking to the employees, and I turned around and there he was again walking back through the front door of the bank. We immediately placed him in custody. He started struggling and bit Officer Chris Pinkston on the wrist, and that’s when we felt because of his violent nature the safest thing to do for everybody was to Taser him and try to get him under control, which worked.”

Officers couldn’t determine why Everhart demanded $2,000. Fields said when they spoke to Everhart, he was “on a different page than we were.”

Fields added, “Definitely there is a medicine issue here. I know Dennis, but I’ve never known Dennis to be like this. He’s doing some really off the wall stuff, and we tried every way in the world to help him and not to arrest him, but we just couldn’t get through.”

Everhart was charged with assault on an officer, resisting arrest and criminal trespassing.

He was arraigned on that charge Monday and is scheduled to appear in Sessions Court again on March 16.

As for the Feb. 26 charges, Everhart has a court appearance scheduled for Wednesday.                             

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