Third member of bank robbery trio sentenced to 18 months

Matthew Lane • Dec 2, 2015 at 1:40 PM

GREENEVILLE — The man who helped with the planning of two local bank robberies was sentenced to 18 months in prison by a federal judge earlier this week.

Shannon Long received the sentence in U.S. District Court in Greeneville on Monday. Three years of supervised release will follow the prison term. Long was also ordered to pay $24,640 in restitution, along with co-defendants Robin Culp and Cameron Tyler Horne.

Long faced up to 10 years in prison and a $125,000 fine.

According to court records, Horne robbed the Capital Bank on South Roan Street in Johnson City on Jan. 20 and the Regions Bank on East Stone Drive in Kingsport on April 15. Prosecutors say Culp drove the getaway car in both robberies, while Long helped with the planning of the crimes.

The trio were arrested in April and subsequently charged in federal court — Culp with two counts of bank robbery; Horne with bank robbery and aiding and abetting bank robbery; Long with aiding and abetting, concealing stolen funds and hindering an apprehension.

Culp and Horne agreed to plead guilty to the bank robbery charges, while Long agreed to plead guilty to the accessory charge.

In October, Horne was sentenced to 72 months in prison. Last week, Culp received a 37-month prison sentence for her role in the robberies. Both faced up to 20 years in prison.

According to court records, the planning for the Capital Bank robbery took place at Culp’s residence and involved Long. Culp told authorities she drove Horne to the Capital Bank location and parked at an apartment building across the street while Horne robbed the bank.

The couple then went to Culp’s house where Horne shaved his head and face, changed clothes and eventually drove to a friend’s house in Kingsport.

Prosecutors say that on the way to Kingsport, Horne threw his shoes and the cardboard box used to carry the money from the robbery into a lake. They say Horne then ditched his clothes on the highway.

Culp said she was paid $1,000 for her assistance in the robbery.

After the Capital Bank robbery, prosecutors say Horne went to Miami. Two or three days later, Culp drove Long to Miami, and during the stay, the group spent the proceeds from the robbery on meals, lodging and entertainment. The three then returned to Tennessee.

For the second robbery, Horne originally planned to rob the BB&T Bank on South Roan Street and University Parkway in Johnson City, but the bulletproof glass made the endeavor too difficult, so he decided on Regions Bank in Kingsport.

The planning for the robbery took place at Long’s residence. According to Culp, she drove Horne to the Buffalo Wild Wings parking lot, then waited while Horne went into the bank and robbed it.

The plea agreement states Horne entered the bank with a black grocery bag, which appeared to have a firearm inside, and placed it on the counter. Horne then placed a note on the counter, demanded large bills and no dye packs.

Again, the couple drove off with Horne throwing his clothes in a creek off the old Elizabethton Highway.

Following the robbery, Horne paid Long $400 for his assistance and all three went to Leesburg, Fla.

About a week later, Culp returned to Tennessee, while Horne and Long remained in Florida, where they spent the proceeds from the robbery.

Horne and Long eventually traveled to Louisiana, where they were ultimately arrested.

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