Message from the undead: Don't smoke

Rick Wagner • Nov 15, 2018 at 11:30 AM

KINGSPORT — Who knew? It seems the undead want to keep us living folks alive by urging us not to smoke. On the other hand, have you ever seen a zombie smoke or use tobacco?


If you were driving through downtown late Wednesday afternoon, those people holding anti-smoking signs, as well as others in zombie makeup, were a group of Kingsport teenagers and pre-teens. They were from New Vision Youth, the Boys and Girls Club’s Eastman and Riverview locations and Girls Inc.


They timed their anti-tobacco protests on the eve of Thursday’s Great American Smokeout of the American Cancer Society.

Johnnie Mae Swagerty of New Vision said the reason for the event was to draw attention to the smokeout. Under the watchful eyes of Kingsport Police Department Lts. Chris Tincher and David Moore, the group congregated at the roundabout on Broad and Market streets.

Swagerty said the group works with the Sullivan County Anti-Drug Coalition on the tobacco issue.


She also said she wanted to thank Lamplight Theatre for doing the zombie makeup. The teenagers succeeded in getting drivers going through the roundabout to honk their honks, as they asked on their signs.

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