SWVA, NET show single-digit climbs in COVID-19 cases

Mike Still • Apr 27, 2020 at 8:13 PM

Southwest Virginia and Northeast Tennessee each showed climbs in COVID-19 cases since Friday, with Washington County, Tennessee, gaining eight new cases.

According to the Virginia Department of Health (www.vdh.virginia.gov/coronavirus) on Monday, Wise and Scott counties each posted an additional confirmed case for 21 and six cases respectively, while Lee County remained at eight cases and Norton two cases in the LENOWISCO Health District.

Besides the 37 cases during the pandemic, the LENOWISCO district has seen two deaths, one each from Wise and Scott counties.

The Tennessee Department of Health (www.tn.gov/health/cedep/ncov) on Monday showed a nine-case rise in confirmed COVID-19 cases since Friday — one new case in Hawkins County for a total of 29 and an eight-case jump in Washington County to 54 cases.

Sullivan County remained at 47 cases since Friday. The three counties have seen three deaths during the pandemic — two in Hawkins County and one in Sullivan.

According to VDH testing numbers, the LENOWISCO Health District has tested 751 people since the pandemic began, with a 0.87% testing rate among the district’s 86,471 residents.

The Virginia statewide testing rate in Monday’s report was 0.93%, or 80,180 tested of a population of 8.63 million. The state has reported a total of 13,535 confirmed COVID-19 cases and 458 deaths during the pandemic.

In Northeast Tennessee, based on negative test results and confirmed cases, the testing rate in Hawkins County was 695, or 1.25 of the county’s 56,786 residents. Sullivan County showed 1,124 tests for 158,348 residents — 0.71% — and Washington County had a 1.2% testing rate for 1,601 of its 129,375 residents.

Tennessee’s statewide testing rate was 2.3%, or 154,402 people out of 6,83 million. Sine the pandemic began, the state has reported 9,918 cases and 184 deaths.

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