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Dr. Jared Cordon uses own experiences to better serve his patients

Suzi McKee • Sep 30, 2019 at 7:00 PM

When Jared Cordon was growing up in Eastern North Carolina, his father who was an engineer and his grandfather who owned a logging company introduced him to the intricate workings of mechanics.

“I was always working on equipment with my grandfather, and dad’s influence as an engineer impacted my interest in how things worked together to produce the desired outcome,” Jared began with a smile.

With his sights set on following in his dad’s footsteps, young Jared thought he’d be an engineer when he grew up.

At the age of 12, he was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease and hospitalized for treatment. “At that point in my life I noticed how the medical staff cared for me and the dedication they had to making me feel better, so I decided that I wanted to be a doctor,” he continued.

Jared received his undergraduate degree in biochemistry from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and his medical degree from West Virginia University. He completed his residency in Orthopaedic Surgery at the University of Florida-Jacksonville and the Mayo Clinic Florida in Jacksonville.

Jared changed the type of medicine he wanted to pursue a couple of times, but once he had completed his first surgical rotation, he knew that he enjoyed working with his hands and that his interest in engineering and mechanics were closely related to orthopaedic surgery.

“I could see the intricate workings of the human body closely paralleled what I’d already seen when working with my Dad and Granddad,” Jared explained. “And the difference that I can make in the comfort of someone’s life made me realize that this was my true calling.”

“Because of my own experience with Crohn’s, I have a good understanding of what my patients are going through,” he said. “Being able to give a diagnosis and giving a name to the pain or discomfort begins the process of healing. For patients to know what is going on in their body reaffirms the belief that I have that basic knowledge and is comforting.”

As a member of the six-physician team at Associated Orthopaedics of Kingsport, Jared admits that he “worries more about my patients than I thought I would. Without an attending physician, you’re on your own so the training that I’ve had helps me to make the right decision that will impact the health and well-being of my patients,” he continued. Jared enjoys treating all areas of general orthopaedic surgery, with an emphasis on total hip and knee replacement, trauma, and injuries of the shoulder.

When he has spare time to spend with his wife, Louisa, who hails from Bristol and his 3½ year-old-daughter, Jared enjoys hiking, motocross, and, of course, Tar Heel basketball. Dirt bikes and classic cars hold a special place in his list of hobbies, but he says “I only ride trails now instead of doing motocross racing.

“With responsibility comes the realization that I could get hurt and I have people depending on me,” he added with a smile.

To make an appointment with Dr. Jared Cordon, call Associated Orthopaedics at (423) 245-3161. The office is located at 430 West Ravine Street in Kingsport.

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