The Hotline

Hank Hayes • Jul 1, 2019 at 8:00 AM

ReVIDA Recovery is rolling out a hotline for patients who need to reach a physician or counselor outside of business hours during the July 4 holiday period and during weekends.

In the behavioral health community, holiday seasons may trigger relapses in people who struggle with addiction, lose their routine, are put in social situations that encourage drinking or substance use, and don’t have immediate access to their support system, like ReVIDA.

This 24-hour hotline is a partnership with TriageLogic. Patients can call 1-877-254-2334, which is ReVIDA’s toll-free number. If a patient calls after hours, they’ll be directed to the hotline number.

“Our mission is to support our patients and help them reclaim their lives from opioids,” said ReVIDA CEO Lee Dilworth. “In doing that we hope to reclaim communities. In two ways we do that. One is by helping patients face challenging times like the holidays and the Fourth of July coming up. The second way we do it being available 24/7 for patients in case there is a medical emergency related to their treatment. That’s what a triage hotline is all about. It’s a way for our patients to reach someone outside of normal hours if they have complications related to their treatment.”

Dilworth said patients and staff were telling the organization that holidays are difficult.

“Sometimes, outdoor celebrations where alcohol is excessive and the holidays are just a trigger for people who struggle,” Dilworth noted.

Dilworth pointed out the hotline will be staffed by nurses who could intervene and offer help.

“It’s really a way of saying ‘We’re trying to be sensitive to what it’s like to be in recovery,” Dilworth stressed. “They might be at events where there is a lot of excess and substances.”

ReVIDA, a privately held Nashville-based company, set up shop in our region last spring with a number of rehabilitation centers across Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia.

“(The centers) are being received well by the community,” Dilworth said. “We’re participating in the Virginia Medicaid ARTS program, and that’s enabled a lot of new patients to come and seek help who couldn’t afford it otherwise. Our patient growth is strong and we’re getting good feedback. We’re thrilled to be in each of those communities.”

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