Got Christmas garbage? Kingsport has you covered

Matthew Lane • Dec 27, 2018 at 8:31 AM

KINGSPORT — If you go by the amount of garbage piled up on the side of the road, it was a pretty good Christmas in Kingsport.

At least that’s according to the city’s Streets and Sanitation Department as workers gear up this week to face the onslaught of post-Christmas garbage hitting curbs all across town.

Beginning the day after Christmas and continuing through Jan. 4, city crews will pick up extra material placed outside the garbage carts. This typically includes large boxes, bags of wrapping paper and other garbage generated from the holiday season.

Ronnie Hammonds, the manager of the Streets and Sanitation Department, points out that residents should place the material at least five feet away from the carts. That’s to allow room for the automated arm to grab the garbage carts, Hammonds said.

“We know that this time of year there’s extra material, and we will try and do it as a service for the residents,” Hammonds said.

The extra stuff will be collected on your normal garbage day and the service will not affect your recycling or trash day. And if you look out the window and see your carts empty and garbage still piled on the curb, don’t worry.

“They won’t be picked up at the same time,” Hammonds said. “We send out separate crews in flatbed trucks to pick up the extra material, so they’ll be by later to collect the stuff.”

Typically, Kingsport collects two to three tons of garbage a day in the days following Christmas, or about 10 tons a week. Some years the number trends up; others it trends down. Going by the amount of garbage on the side of the road, Kingsport had a good Christmas this year, according to Rodney Deal, household refuse supervisor at the city.

When is my garbage day?

Go to Kingsport’s website at www.kingsporttn.gov and search your address in the “Find My City Services” function on the homepage. For more information, call 229-9451.

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