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Woods' golf AMPLIFIED combines technology, traditional wisdom

Suzi McKee • Sep 17, 2018 at 11:08 AM

When Chris Woods was only 12 years old, he caddied for his uncle. This ignited a passion for the game in Chris. He started playing by using a hand-me-down set from his uncle but soon would be the proud owner of his own sticks. When Chris’ dad noticed his son’s love for golf he proposed a deal to buy him his own set of golf clubs if he made the high school golf team. His father helped set the tee for his son’s future career. Not knowing much about name brand clubs, he chose a set from JCPenney that got the job done; a humble beginning for the future PGA member.

As Chris moved beyond high school and into college, his passion for the sport was entrenched in his spirit and would resurface later in his life. This included playing professional golf on minitour circuits where he was matched with future professionals like Bubba Watson and Boo Weekley. But before he could come full circle with this game he loved, he would need to hone his leadership skills by being a corporate trainer for Chili’s, dabble in the business of golf, and complete his unfinished business of earning his college degree.

After discussions with his wife Laura, Chris knew the time was right to finish his degree. Milligan College provided the perfect setting, and Chris graduated with his Bachelors in Business Administration in December 2013. It was always in the back of both his mind and Laura’s that Chris should own his own business – but business of what? That was unanswered. What was clear was that Chris was ready to close the loop on professional golf, but not through play. Rather, Chris wanted to earn his membership in the Professional Golf Association, PGA, by becoming a PGA Professional. “We’ve prayed at every step of this journey,” Chris added, “and we have truly been blessed.”

This next step meant he needed to gain employment at an established golf facility and start the multi-level program required by the PGA. “I dropped off many resumes,” Chris explained, “but Mark Houser for whom I have the greatest respect and admiration called me with news of an opportunity at The Olde Farm. I completed the first two levels of the PGA Program in two years at The Olde Farm before taking a position under Pete DeBraal at Cattails at MeadowView. At Cattails, Chris finished his third level of the PGA Program and was awarded PGA Membership in January of 2018.

“At Cattails, I got to become involved with kids at the First Tee Program,” Chris continued, “where I could teach values, perseverance, responsibility, and golf etiquette which is very important as they get older and play more.” Along the way, Chris’ hard work, determination, and grit was rewarded by being named Assistant of the Year for the Tri-Cities Chapter of the PGA in 2016 and 2017. He followed that up with the honor of being named Assistant Golf Professional of the Year for the state of Tennessee in 2017.

The culmination of his college degree and his PGA membership left Laura and Chris praying once more about what the next step should be. This led to the idea of non-traditional golf facilities combined with technology that appealed to the sophisticated golfer, the new golfer, the never-picked-up-a-club-because-intimidation-golfer, and the young golfer.

“We wanted to figure out a way to get people to the game of golf. The numbers of those enjoying golf has declined over the years,” Chris explained. With a new junior program starting this month, as well as opportunities with community youth organizations, Chris is determined to change that trend.

“We wanted a business where people could come and work on improving their game, use the latest technology available, and just have fun. Our mission statement is ‘Training. Results. Fun. AMPLIFIED.’” Chris added with a smile, “It’s my belief that when you train with our technology your results are amplified. In my opinion, the game is a mix of modern information with traditional wisdom.”

And so, golf AMPLIFIED was born and offers people in the region some of the best methods for improving both their long and short game, for learning the game, and for rediscovering a love of the game.

“Golf AMPLIFIED has the best golf simulator on the market. There is no lag time,” Chris explained. “When you hit the ball it immediately shows up on the screen. Add in the impressive PuttView program and you can learn the two hardest elements of putting: direction and speed. The lighted putting green is a favorite of the junior players as well as the seasoned players who need to work on their short game.”

The modern facility, located on the MeadowView property, offers golfers memberships, club fittings, club repair, lessons and a large room with rustic décor for special events. “We give golfers some of the hours of their life back with the technology we offer them here at golf AMPLIFIED,” Chris explained. They can play 18 holes in about an hour here and enjoy one of many famous courses from around the world.

With a social media presence on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and a website that allows you to schedule appointments, www.golfamplified.com, you can easily keep up with the latest news from this upscale golfing facility and the tremendous programs that are sure to improve, or help you discover your golf game.

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