'Unashamed' prayer rally draws thousands to downtown Kingsport

Jeff Bobo • Aug 25, 2019 at 12:00 PM

KINGSPORT — The Kingsport Farmers Market pavilion was overflowing Saturday evening with prayer and Christian songs as thousands of people representing dozens of local churches showed they are “Unashamed” to share their faith.

An exact head count wasn’t available, but some in attendance estimated there were at least a couple of thousand people at the first ever Unashamed Prayer Rally.

Every seat in the pavilion was taken, and every open bay door was filled with the standing-room-only crowd. 

Inside the pavilion, several speakers, including pastors and evangelists, shared a message before leading a group prayer.

In between speakers, the two hour indoor program also included musical performances by Phillips & Banks and the Potter Family.

At 6 p.m., most of the crowd proceeded to the second half of the program, which included a half-mile walk to Church Circle for more music and a final prayer.

A long list of suggested prayers

Participants were encouraged to pray for a variety of groups and situations including:

Repentance, personal and corporate.

Unity in the true body of Christ.

Individuals with addictions including drugs, alcohol, pornography and gambling.

Families affected by addictions including children, parents and grandparents.

Victims of human trafficking — prostitution, child pornography, etc.

Salvation for drug dealers, illegal prescription providers and those who facilitate drug addiction in our area.

Local and regional law enforcement: for their protection, families, and success in facilitating justice.

Local, regional, and national elected leaders: that God will guide their minds and policymaking.

Teachers and school staff as they seek to teach and influence young people.

Strengthening of the family and home, and the destruction of forces seeking to undermine God’s design for it.

Local Bible-believing churches to continue to be beacons of hope with the good news of Jesus Christ.

Spiritual renewal and revival in our land, beginning in our own hearts.

“Nothing is different between us and them except one day we met Jesus”

Many Christian messages were shared during the event. Too many to fit in one news article. But here is a sample of some of the things that were said.

Among the speakers at the Farmers Market pavilion was Billy Wayne Arrington, who is producer and director of the Lamplight Theater on Broad Street, who used his time on stage to emphasize the importance of spreading God’s love to people who are hurting and lost.

He prayed for each person in attendance, their family, friends, and churches, but also for those who are in need the most.

Arrington told churches they need to reach out to those people and get their pews a little dirty, because the dirt washes off.

“We’ve got to love unlovable people,” Arrington said. “We’ve got to embrace them, because we’re the only hope Jesus has. We are his hands. We are his heart. And we need to be their hope. ...They’re lost people, they’re looking for answers, and we’ve got the cure. His name is Jesus.”

Arrington further prayed, “I pray for us to love the broken and the messed up, those who are addicted, and those who are struggling. Lord let us look past their sin to a heart that needs God. And that God be reminded that You died, not for those who are healthy, in church and OK, but for the broken and the needy, and lift those people to you right now.”

He also asked for forgiveness for our arrogance, our boastfulness, and our pride.

“Help us get outside our comfort zone to love the least of these, the homeless, the addicted and the broken. Most of all the lost,” Arrington prayed. “Let us shine for them. Nothing is different between us and them except one day we met Jesus.”

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