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Owner shares true meaning of good at Do Good Goods

Suzi McKee • Feb 18, 2019 at 4:30 PM

When Lori Jones was a young girl growing up in Hiltons, Virginia, her parents set the example of having a servant heart by helping in their community. Along with strong faith, Lori developed a sense of responsibility for making her little corner of the world better than she had found it. This 29-year employee of Eastman began feeling the need to undertake a project that was much greater than herself in the fall of 2017. “I had always heard people say that they were ‘called’ to do something and now I fully understand exactly what they mean,” Lori explained.

In her daily devotions the word good kept appearing, especially in Psalms 37:3 which says, “Trust in the Lord and do good.” Lori’s parents had taught her to be good to others and always strive to do the right thing. “In my small way, I wanted to remind people of that and provide a way for them to do more for others around them,” she continued.

So, armed with a determined attitude, a caring heart and the knowledge that God was really in control, Lori began to pursue her dream of opening a store where good would come from the items for sale – items that had once meant the world to their owners.

“Helping people let go of their things or those of someone dear to them who may have passed is part of my mission,” Lori began. “I treat every item with dignity and respect and assure consignors that I’ll try to get it in the hands of someone who will take good care of it.” A portion of every sale – between 10 and 60 percent - goes to the consignor’s designated charity.

With much prayer and miracles at every turn, Lori found everything she needed to open Do Good Goods. “One of my friends came by just to see me,” Lori explained, “just as I got off the phone with someone who could make the sign for the store front. She talked for a few minutes and then went to her car to get an envelope for me; instead she found two. She explained that she knew she was supposed to give the contents to me. The next day when I was told the cost of my store sign, I was amazed that it was exactly the same amount contained in the two envelopes,” she concluded with a smile and a tear.

Do Good Goods opened on March 30, 2018, on Good Friday, at 935 Wilcox Court in Kingsport. The journey Lori took to arrive at opening day is remarkable and is a testimony of what one can do if you hold fast to your faith and believe that you can achieve your goals with God’s help. “I found truck drivers to haul furniture for my displays, store owners who helped with fixtures on which I could place merchandise, and a willingness of almost everyone that I came in contact with to help get the store up and running.”

“God reassured me when I was stressed or worried by giving me the peace that it was Him and not me and that He had this,” Lori continued. She learned that her job was to help remind people that goodness always wins and to use her faith to comfort those who come to Do Good Goods to shop or donate. “This is not a normal place,” Lori added. “We pray for people in the shop and we have those who stop by just to pray for us as well. At every turn I have felt the Lord’s hand in this business.”

From a gorgeous hand-made wedding dress from Guam to fine china to elegant jewelry, furniture, artwork, home décor, shoes and purses, Lori offers clients upscale merchandise that has a story behind it.

“I received a call from a gentleman who had been a fighter pilot in Viet Nam. His wife had passed away and he wanted me to come and find a new home for her things. She’d been in the Navy and was stationed in Guam. When they got married, she wore this exquisite handmade wedding gown with exceptional craftsmanship,” explained Lori. That is one of many unique items found at Do Good Goods.

She has new items for sale and other consigned items that sometimes remind people of their childhood. “I had one lady who came in and said she had had her grandmother on her mind all week. When she found marble eggs just like her grandmother once owned, the lady said, “I have to have these.”

Do Good Goods is open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., weekdays, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m, Saturdays, and after hours by appointment for people who enjoy finding treasures together. “For the appointments, we have light refreshments and allow customers to shop at their leisure,” Lori explained. “It’s fun to watch faces light up as they find things that fit them perfectly or discover items that are just what they were looking for.

Lori’s advice for others? “If you feel stirred to do something and you honestly think it’s your dream according to God’s will, pursue the idea. I’ve thought many times that if God let me hover over this store and see all the miracles that I’ve seen and all that has happened, I could have easily missed them if I hadn’t stepped out in faith.”

Anyone wishing to be a part of something good, should call Do Good Goods to make an appointment before bringing merchandise to consign. Call (423) 378-GOOD. Inquiries about the store can also be sent to [email protected]

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