Revival at Bristol enters fourth week, number saved nears 400

J. H. Osborne • Jun 12, 2018 at 8:45 PM

BRISTOL, Va. — It’s an old-fashioned revival with a plain and simple purpose: Bring the lost to Jesus by bringing Jesus to the lost — with a larger goal of renewing Christian fervor inside the big white tent and having it spread into the community and beyond.

It is the Bristol Revival, and it entered its fourth week of prayer, praise, preaching and invitation on Monday night. It will continue, at 11101 Island Road (off Interstate 81’s Exit 5 in Virginia) at least through this Friday.

At the end of last week, with 15 nights of worship and altar calls (the revival runs only Mondays through Fridays, not on weekend evenings) under its belt, the Bristol Revival had brought nearly 400 residents from across the region to accept the invitation to trust Christ as their personal savior. On Monday night, that number grew by 18, including numerous teenagers.

While the message is old-fashioned — Evangelist C.T. Townsend “goes to the cross” and takes you there with him, with the energy and passion of a man clearly on a mission —  the venue isn’t your grandparents’ revival tent. It’s a large white structure held aloft by gleaming silver poles and bedecked with state-of-the-art electronics, including two large projection screens to make the preachers and hymn lyrics easier to see for the hundreds of worshipers gathered within.

During the invitation to come forward Monday night, Townsend said he wasn’t trying to bring anyone to religion or get anyone to join a church, but just wanted them to say “yes” to Jesus if it that’s what was on their hearts.

Townsend’s ministries uses the tagline “Reaching This Generation for Christ.” Townsend (and wife Becky and their three children) are based in Anderson, S.C.

The revival begins each night at 7 p.m. A community choir begins at 6:30 p.m. On Thursday, the service will recognize and support members of law enforcement, firefighters, EMS and first response personnel, and healthcare workers.


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