Coeburn Primary students give presentations on dream jobs to school board

Mike Still • Mar 14, 2019 at 3:37 PM

WISE — Wise County School Board members got an update on student career plans Tuesday in a creative way.

Coeburn Primary School third grade teacher and gifted and talented program coordinator Missy Pannell and six students brought displays and professional costumes to highlight their project on careers.

“Our gifted and talented students excel in the classroom on a daily basis, so we try to give them opportunities to explore other topics, and we thought that career readiness would be a great topic to explore for this month,” Pannell told board members. “After their presentation, a couple of students have some questions for you guys.”

Ben Blevins stepped up first in hospital scrubs to explain how to become an anesthesiologist: spending four years in a pre-med program, passing the medical school admission test, completing medical school and a residency program and passing a board exam. Blevins kept the board awake as he explained career options in anesthesiology, including civilian and military practice.

“The reason I would like to be an anesthesiologist is to provide food, shelter and water for my family,” Blevins added.

Karrah Marshall detailed the steps in achieving her dream job: teaching.

“One, choose what you want to teach,” Marshall said, adding steps of education requirements, licensure, finding a job and continuing professional education.

“Any questions?” Marshall asked the board before receiving applause.

“That’s what a teacher would say,” board Chairman Larry Greear said. “Any questions?”

Hailey Mays looked like a busy pastry chef with her hat, apron and a dusting of flour across her face. She explained how the pay for a chef improved depending on whether he or she owned a bakery or worked in a hotel or restaurant.

“A pastry chef is mostly on their feet because they’re up and working hard,” Mays said. “A pastry chef works around ovens, stoves and kitchen machines; therefore, it gets really hot.”

Hannah Mays stepped forward in nursing scrubs with a stethoscope around her neck to detail what she learned about becoming a registered nurse.

Dakota Clay showed her grasp of becoming a marine biologist.

“Most marine biologists specialize in an area because the ocean is so broad,” Clay said. “Some of the areas are sharks, sea turtles, dolphins and even coral reefs.”

Clay said she related to dolphins because of the movie “Dolphin Tale,” in which a boy helps a dolphin missing its tail get a prosthetic tail fin. Sea turtles also interest Clay, and she said she got to watch one hatching at the Oak Harbor, North Carolina, sea turtle sanctuary.

Phillip Clay came ready for his dream career choice — athletic trainer — with information on how trainers can work in professional sports, rehab centers and even the military.

After detailing the college and training requirements, Clay revealed his ultimate job.

“I would like to go to work for the Chicago Cubs baseball club.”

Blevins put board member and dentist Mark Raymond on the spot about his professional experience.

“If you have any people who are scared, how do you deal with them?” Blevins asked.

“Tell them I’m scared too,” Raymond said.

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