Hawkins schools celebrate Principal Appreciation with food and charitable donations

Jeff Bobo • Mar 5, 2019 at 2:34 PM

ROGERSVILLE — Students may have missed nearly half the month of February due to flooding, that didn’t stop some of them from honoring their top administrator for Principal Appreciation Day.

Throughout the school year Hawkins County schools adopt the Utrust Appreciation Program  model of expressing gratitude for all the hard work performed by its administrators, faculty and support staff.

In December Hawkins County schools were awarded a total of $59,400 in Utrust mini-grants to fund projects and materials for their students in recognition of its Appreciation Day programs. 

So far in 2018-19 Hawkins County Schools have already celebrated Appreciation Day for custodians, bus drivers, cafeteria staff and the director of schools

In February it was the principals’ turn.

Appreciation Day activities aren’t always held on the same day county wide, but here are a few examples of how Hawkins County’s principals were honored last month.

Carters Valley Elementary

Carters Valley Elementary celebrated Principal Stephanie Mann in Patriotic fashion. Her name was on the outside marquee, as well as on signs throughout the school, and she was remembered during announcements made by students.

Mann was also the guest of honor during a pot luck lunch brought in by the staff.

“We also had a shoe drive for the kids of CVES in her honor, with 35 pairs and $75 brought in by staff and CVES families, 10 pairs and snacks donated by The Promise Church next door, and $300 donated from Ridgeview Baptist Church down the road,” said 2nd-grade teacher Emily Cornett. “The school will use the money to buy socks and shoes which will be given to the students of our school as needed. We are so thankful, appreciative, and blessed to have Mrs. Mann, and area churches to support our wonderful school.”

Clinch School

Clinch School had a celebration for principal Denise McKee, who before her career as a principal, she was a History teacher at Clinch.

“As principal, she is now seeing and interacting with children of former students,” said social studies teacher Misty Greene. “This makes her very special to us. A local church, Clinch Valley Church, along with employees and students donated snacks, water, and gas cards in honor of Mrs. McKee and also to show honor to previous employees, who have battled cancer. These items will be given to HMG Hematology/Oncology.”

Students created posters and decorated their classroom doors with a Revolutionary War theme, and school staff provided a meal and a cake for the celebration.

Church Hill Intermediate

Church Hill Intermediate celebrated Principal Appreciation Day with a revolutionary luncheon to honor principal Sherry Price and assistant principal Linzy Hutson.

The principal’s luncheon consisted of baked potatoes, salad provided by Texas Roadhouse, and other sides and desserts provided by the faculty and staff.

“Our appreciation team worked to create letters and cards and videos of ‘what I think a principal does’,” said school counselor Rachel James. “Appreciation gifts were presented to Ms. Price and Ms. Hutson. Those gifts included a personalized t-shirt made by our very own Ms. Chapman. Our principal’s efforts are appreciated at CHIS.”

St. Clair Elementary

St. Clair celebrated principal appreciation by giving principal Mary Ann Davis hearts of appreciation and her favorite drink. They played an appreciation song in the gym during a short assembly, and teachers treated her to a potato and salad bar for lunch, as well as a gift card.

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