Insurance will cover most of the $60K cost for new CHMS boilers

Jeff Bobo • Mar 6, 2018 at 2:45 PM

ROGERSVILLE — Insurance will cover the $60,000 cost of replacing two boilers that were ruined last month after a sump pump malfunctioned at Church Hill Middle School, resulting in 3 feet of water in the school basement.

The flooding occurred on Feb. 19 while school was out for Presidents Day, when Hawkins County received about 4 inches of rain over a 24-hour period.

On Thursday, the Board of Education approved a low bid of $26,099 to remove the old boilers and install two new boilers at CHMS.

The cost of renting temporary boilers for a month was $34,000, bringing the overall cost of the project to $60,099, which will be covered by the school system's Tennessee Risk Management insurance provider, minus the deductible.

During Thursday's BOE meeting, Hawkins County Director of Schools Steve Starnes commended maintenance supervisor Shannon Glass and assistant supervisor Brandon Williams, who worked almost nonstop from the time the boilers went down until temporary rental boilers went online three days later.

Starnes also expressed gratitude to the Mount Carmel and Carters Valley volunteer fire departments and First Utility District, which assisted Glass and Williams until 1 a.m. that Tuesday morning pumping water out of the basement.

Glass and Williams worked at CHMS 17 hours on Monday, Feb. 19, 16 hours on Tuesday and 9 hours on Wednesday. 

Then on Thursday and Friday, Glass and Williams worked 30 hours straight to make sure the temporary boilers were installed and inspected so that an additional day of school wouldn't be lost, Starnes added.

The BOE's Executive Committee solicited four boiler replacement quotes and voted Thursday evening to approve the low quote of $26,099 from Comfort Systems USA.

The new boilers will have to be installed by March 16 to avoid another $34,000 monthly rental fee for the temporary boilers.

Comfort Systems USA will also remove the two old boilers, which the maintenance department will keep for spare parts.

The maintenance department also replaced the faulty sump pump and installed a backup pump.

Starnes reported that after subsequent heavy rains the basement stayed dry.

National School Breakfast Week

Director of Child Nutrition Mandy Kenner reported that March 5-9 is National School Breakfast Week, and Hawkins County Schools will be offering free breakfast each day.

The BOE also approved a $1,400 Breakfast Challenge Grant from Second Harvest Food Bank for Church Hill Elementary, which is a pilot program with the goal of increasing breakfast participation. 

BOE Ethics Committee elections

The BOE Ethics Committee is comprised of  Starnes, board Chairman Bob Larkins and board Vice Chairman Debbie Shedden.

On Thursday, the board approved the appointments of Larkins as chairman and Starnes as secretary of the Ethics Committee. 

Budget Committee workshop scheduled

The BOE’s Budget Committee will meet Thursday at 6 p.m. at the bus garage meeting room to begin discussing the 2018-19 fiscal year budget.



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