Potential Sullivan school sites range from $5OOK up to $3M in value

Rick Wagner • Updated Dec 9, 2016 at 7:13 AM

BLOUNTVILLE — The three potential sites for a new Sullivan County high school range in county tax appraisal value from a low of about $500,000 to potentially $3 million or so, with a $760,000 site in the middle. The 1,700-student school, estimated to cost about $60 million, would serve students from the current Sullivan North and South high school zones and most from Sullivan Central High.

The Board of Education at a called 9 a.m. meeting Saturday, in the first-floor meeting room of the health and education building off the Blountville Bypass, is to narrow its choice of sites for a new high school and new middle school. After getting information from architects on potential design options, site preparation costs and other information, the board will cut the number of potential sites from three for each project to one or two.

The buyer’s agent, Interstate Realty of Bristol, is to negotiate purchase prices with owners when a top site is chosen and if the County Commission on Monday approves $140 million in funding for countywide school facilities projects. The ownership and county tax appraisals for the three high school sites, based on public records available at the Tennessee Property Data Homepage, are as follows:

— The Airport Parkway site is actually  three parcels roughly across from a rock quarry, just south of Centenary Road and adjacent to the Parkway — also known as State Route 357. The total site is 113.26 acres but could be reduced if an industrial site or more than 20 acres is excluded or partly excluded.

The Industrial Development Board of the City of Kingsport owns two of the parcels. A 21.71-acre site includes the former C&F Manufacturing USA facility, which has a land market value of $863,000 and an improvement (more than 120,000-square-foot building) value of $2,538,400 for a total market appraisal of $3,401,400. However, that old C&F building is to be home to the new U.S. headquarters for Leclerc Foods, and, school board members said, likely would be excluded from the sale anyway. The other is 53.8 acres with no improvements and a total market appraisal of $2,039,200. The city pays no taxes on the property as a governmental entity. 

The third parcel of 37.75 acres is owned by Summers Taylor Inc. based in Elizabethton. It has a land market value of $921,500 and an improvement value of a single-family home of $24,700 for a total market appraisal of $946,200. However, because the land is in Greenbelt agricultural or woodland use, its value for property tax purposes is only $115,300, a land use value of $90,600 plus the value of the home.

So the combined county tax appraisal value for all three parcels is $6,386,800, although taking off the C&F site would lower that to about $3 million. It was a choice of all seven school board members at Monday’s meeting when they voted for up to three finalists for each proposed project.

— The Lynn Road site, adjoining Interstate 81 near Exit 63 and behind the old Sam’s Wholesale Club near Waste Management, is 112 acres in three parcels with two owners. Jenelle Myers Carroll and  Steven W. Carroll Jr. are listed as co-trustees of two parcels. One is 88.96 acres with a land market value of $511,000 and an improvement value (a house) of $75,500 for a total market appraisal of $586,500. However, land use value is $141,200 for a total use appraisal with the house of $216,700 for tax purposes. The second parcel is 20 acres with a land market value of $134,200 and total market appraisal of $134,200 but a land use value of $34,700 for tax purposes.

The third parcel is owned by Rebecca Carroll Barnett and Nelson D. Barnett. It is 1.03 acres with a land market value of $12,300 and an improvement (mobile home) valued at $31,600 for a total market appraisal of $43,900.

So the combined county tax appraisal for these three parcels is $764,600. The  Lynn Road site was a choice of six board members.

— And the 5565 State Route 126 site, near the Carolina Pottery Development and north of Interstate 81’s Exit 66 and Sullivan Central High School, is 71.5 acres minus a house and about two acres. It has a land market value of $524,600 and an improvement value (house and utility building) of $76,700 for a total market appraisal of $601,300, although the land use value is $135,900 plus the improvement value, for a total of $212,600 for tax purposes. 

Taking off the house and other improvement value would make the appraisal $524,600 minus the value of the two acres. The site  was a choice of four school board members.

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