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Hit the reset button for spring

By Elizabeth Hall, Community Contributor • Mar 28, 2018 at 4:30 PM

Is a good spring cleaning in your future? Why not hit the reset button on your eating pattern as well? Follow these tips to get into the swing of spring with your food!

First, focus on spring produce. Fruits and vegetables are high in nutrients but low in calories. The fiber also keeps you fuller longer and helps you to avoid overeating on heavier stuff. Plus, produce is antioxidant-rich, which helps support your immune system and heart. 

Many fruits and vegetables have a spring growing season, so focus on filling half of your plate with delicious produce. You can choose from fresh, frozen, canned or even dried options. Check out the Shortcuts program in the Food City Produce Department for pre-cut, prepped and washed produce that is ready to eat or cook. Food City Shortcuts make eating more fruits and vegetables easy and convenient.

Second, make healthier substitutions in your Easter celebrations. Easter can be a candy-focused holiday. Enjoy the sweet treats, but include healthier foods or even non-food items in your children’s Easter baskets as well such as mandarin oranges, 100 percent fruit juice gummies, whole grain crackers, sidewalk chalk, or even a jump rope to encourage activity. 

Even Easter egg hunts can be a little healthier. Fill your plastic eggs with whole grain bunny crackers, dried fruit or trail mix. If your kids do get candy, use it as an opportunity to teach about moderation by creating a treat schedule and balancing sweets with healthier foods as well.

Third, get active! The weather is warming up, so there are few excuses not to get outside and get moving. For adults, 30 minutes of activity, five days each week is recommended. For children, at least 60 minutes of activity is recommended per day. 

One way to meet your exercise goal is to include physical activity in your family traditions. Sign up for a fun run or walk, take a bike ride, or play a game of hide and seek. Exercise has many health benefits such as boosting mood, supporting immune and heart health, and building lean body mass to help with weight management.

Elizabeth Hall, MS, RDN, LDN
 Corporate/Retail Registered Dietitian

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