Mooresburg Community Association awarded $5K grant for meal deliveries, other programs

Jeff Bobo • Apr 24, 2020 at 2:30 PM

MOORESBURG — Earlier this month the Mooresburg Community Association (MCA) was awarded a $5,000 grant which will assist with several programs, but primarily support meal delivery to the disabled and elderly.

The MCA has continued delivering meals in western Hawkins County throughout the COVID-19 crisis, as well as contributing food to Mooresburg Elementary’s student feeding program, and driving seniors to their medical appointments

Earlier this month the East Tennessee Foundation announced it was offering assistance through the “Neighbor to Neighbor Disaster Relief Fund” to nonprofit organizations in its 25-county service region in East Tennessee.

MCA director Bonnie Zappulla announced earlier this month that they had been awarded $5,000 through the program. 

“For the most part the funds will pay for food,” Zappulla told the Times News on Thursday. “It's also going to help with our medical transport driver, and be able to keep her employed; and it will pay for food for two months for the delivery meals. It’s going to help with food for our pantry, and our school food pantry; gasoline for volunteers who deliver meals; extra non-perishable food items for shut-ins; pay for our intern part time student worker in the office; utility bills and pay for meal carry out boxes.”

MCA is currently delivering 79 meals per day. Last month they delivered 1,790, although Zappulla noted that’s lower than usual.  They’re usually closer to 1,900 per month but a few people dropped off, she said.

“They get meals daily Monday through Friday, but some seniors also get two extra meals delivered Friday for the weekend,” Zappulla said. “We haven't missed a beat. We're taking the proper (COVID-19) precautions and delivering every day, and all of our senior friends are fine.”

Under normal conditions the MCA community center offers a variety of programs including crafts, classes and daily hot lunch. But, it has been closed to the public throughout the COVID-19 crisis.

Zappulla added, “But, meals are still going out the door. We haven't missed a day.”

“Our in-house food pantry isn't as busy as I would have thought, but we are donating a lot of what we would ordinarily be handing out to the public over to the (Mooresburg Elementary) School because they are still providing meals to students,” Zappulla said. “We've been helping support them so it doesn't cost them as much to go out and get food for their (student) feeding program.”

She added, “This (grant) is a huge deal for us. (Without the grant) it definitely would have created an anxious time for us. We do have some wonderful, dependable donors, and luckily we also belong to a food bank in Morristown, and they have a pretty good distribution. So that's helped out with food costs.”

But, the MCA is always in need of donations. Contributions can be sent to: Mooresburg Community Association, 318 McNeil Circle, Mooresburg, TN 37811.

For more information, send an email to www.mooresburgcommunity.org or call (423) 293-0073.

The Mooresburg Community Association (MCA) is a non-profit organization, established in 2001 with a goal is to provide food to disabled and senior residents in need who live in the Lakeway area.

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