So, what are you doing for Easter?

J. H. Osborne • Apr 10, 2020 at 8:45 PM

It’s not going to be Easter as usual this year, but we asked our readers to share their thoughts on the lack of traditional options, including in-person church services.

Here are some memories, thoughts, reflections and plans from a few Times News readers:

Beth Fletcher

• “Our Easter Sunday will be celebrated watching our services from Sunnyside Baptist Church online. After that, we will be having a family traditional Easter dinner with just the immediate family. Usually our entire family flocks to Mamaw & Papaw’s to eat and hide eggs for the young’uns. Papaw usually hides some money in some of the eggs ... which usually gets us all involved (ha, ha). In the past we celebrated at our Nannie’s house. Oh how she loved to have everyone over for Easter. She loved working in her flowers and usually she had a few of her favorites already in bloom. She would love to decorate and hang eggs in her trees and have a few bunnies out in her yard and in her kitchen window. Then different family members would go out and hide eggs for us to find which usually had some candy or money placed inside. Then of course you never wanted to miss all the wonderful cooking her, my mother and my aunt would prepare. I sure do miss my Nannie and look forward to seeing her again one day. Most important is being together to celebrate the Resurrection of our Lord and Savior and what this day means to each of us. This should be celebrated every day ... not just once a year.”

Kevin Davis

• “Just as the tomb was empty after Jesus arose from the dead, the churches will be empty too. Jesus will be in our hearts and minds this Sunday. It matters not that we are in a place other than a church house. What matters is that Jesus is in our hearts.”

Gail Preslar & husband Milton Nelson

• “Before Milton’s parents passed away, we often went to Charleston, S.C., to be with them. His mom typically cooked a ham. Toward the end of her cooking days, she would forget it & burn it ... presenting a burnt offering to the family. She had a fabulous sense of humor. Most years, whether in Charleston or here, we have tried to attend a sunrise service. Sunrise service in the Holy City (Charleston’s other name) was at the Battery.”

• “When I was a child, even through high school, new clothes for Easter was a requirement. As young girl, the whole 9 yards: dress, shoes, socks, bonnet, gloves, & purse. Milton reports that he always got a new pair of dress shoes at Easter. I remember Easter egg hunts (with real eggs, no plastic egg nonsense) with my zillions (actually 20-plus) of cousins at my paternal grandparents’. My mom could not eat chocolate, so we did not have chocolate Easter bunnies, but plenty of jelly beans & those marshmallow eggs. This year I have not purchased any Easter candy, because we do not need the temptation or extra empty calories.”

• “This year, we’ll make sure to call and/or FaceTime our families in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Illinois. I mailed Easter notes to those same family members. I am especially missing my 90-year-old mom in North Carolina. I visited her last in mid-February and our three teenage grandsons (South Carolina) because they are becoming young men too quickly.”

• “What matters is that Jesus is in our hearts.”

Vicki Cooper Trammell

• “I love going to sunrise service, then sharing a big family Easter dinner with leg of lamb or ham. This year I plan on being on my back deck waiting for the sun to come up with my coffee, giving thanks that this was the day our Lord was risen.”

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