Shull carried most precincts in race for mayor

J. H. Osborne • May 26, 2019 at 3:00 PM

KINGSPORT — In the five-way race for Model City mayor last week, Sullivan County Commissioner Pat Shull won by a wide margin — and carried 12 of the 14 precincts where registered city voters were eligible to cast ballots. Actually, according to results from the Sullivan County Election Commission, no one won one of those 14 precincts: no ballots were cast in precinct 07C (Holston Middle School).

Shull garnered the most votes of the five mayoral candidates in 11 of the remaining 13 precincts — three by a majority: 80 percent of the vote at Miller Perry Elementary (precinct 07B); 54.12 percent of the vote at Vermont United Methodist Church (precinct 010B); and 50.28 percent at Sullivan South High School (precinct 08A).

Vice Mayor Mike McIntire carried Clouds Bend United Methodist Church (precinct 09B) with 37.58 percent of the vote, compared to 35.09 percent for Shull; 23.75 percent for Nathan Vaughn; 3.26 percent for Joe Carr; and .031 percent for Dennis Mabb.

Vaughn carried the heart of downtown Kingsport, taking 40.14 percent of the vote at the Kingsport Public Library (precinct 011B), compared to 32.02 percent for Shull; 21.81 percent for McIntire; 3.94 percent for Carr; and 2.09 percent for Mabb.

The three winners in the six-way race for alderman (Darrell R. Duncan, Tom Olterman, and James Phillips) were the consistent victors in seven of the 13 precincts (leaving out Holston Middle, where any eligible voters stayed home). 

With 20.15 percent of the vote, Chris Bulle was the top vote getter at precinct 07A (Colonial Heights Middle School), with Duncan and Phillips coming in second and third, respectively.

Charles Honaker was the top vote getter at precinct 010B (Vermont United Methodist Church) with 20.57 percent of the vote, with Duncan and Bulle coming in second and third, respectively. Honaker placed second at precinct 07B (Miller Perry Elementary School) and precinct 09A (Lynn View Community Center).

As usual, the most ballots were cast at precinct 011A (the Kingsport Civic Auditorium), with a total of 1,462.

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