Less than 10% of Kingsport voters head to polls early

J. H. Osborne • May 20, 2019 at 9:37 AM

KINGSPORT — Approximately 8.6 percent of eligible voters turned out for early voting for tomorrow’s city elections, in which a majority of seats on the Kingsport Board of Mayor and Aldermen are in play, including mayor.

When early voting ended Thursday, 2,716 of Kingsport’s 31,566 registered voters had cast ballots, according to the Sullivan County Election Commission. 

That’s a higher early vote turnout than the last city elections two years ago — when the mayor was running unopposed — but it’s lower than in May 2015, when five people were running for mayor.

Early turnout in 2017 totaled 2,093, and early turnout in 2015 totaled 3,401.

This time around, there are again five people seeking to be the Model City’s next mayor. Incumbent John Clark is not seeking re-election. The candidates are: Joe Carr; Dennis Mabb; Vice Mayor Mike McIntire; former alderman and current county Commissioner Patrick W. Shull; and Nathan Vaughn, a former alderman, vice mayor, and state representative.

Vaughn ran for mayor in 2015 and with 1,570 votes came in second to John Clark, who garnered 2,695. Former alderman Tom Parham placed third in that race, with 1,238 votes. The remaining two candidates in the 2015 mayoral race received less than 1,000 votes combined. On that same ballot, McIntire won an alderman’s seat with 2,754 votes.

A sample ballot is available on the Sullivan County Election’s website at www.scelect.org. A list of voting locations is also available there.

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