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'The Sound of Music,' a royal wedding and car trouble

Susan E. Kendrick • Jun 16, 2018 at 4:30 PM

Dear Readers ~

All the dishes are clean
I’m comfortable in my writing chair
Abbey, my aging dog,
Hasn’t a care.

It’s a sunny afternoon
And across the lake is a new dock
The Martins are swirling
Fighter pilots they mock.

It’s my sister, Jennifer’s, birthday
And though on the coast
A few family members to her
Did a special toast.

I greet you dear readers
As you’re never too far
A visit is imminent
This summer by car.

If you have followed my column, you know how a little catchy “poem” gets stuck in my brain until I write it. So, thanks for bearing with me! And, you likewise know over the years how I have enjoyed covering local community events and that I am an avid participant in seeing and hearing as many productions as possible. Love the artistry that it takes to make each successful from the design sets, to the music, to the performers. “The Sound of Music” was recently in town and undoubtedly, I could quietly sing along with almost every song performed. I had to pinch myself when I later attended the Gaelic performance of the Athens Symphony Orchestra with a table of friends who brought food to share for our scrumptious picnic dinner. In addition, dancers performed routines to some of the most incredible music in the world. My favorite was “Auld Lang Syne.”

With international music, I am reminded of the royal wedding... I could not let the little historic event come and go without some American hoopla so I had a few other house directors join me in the Elk Lodge to celebrate the fanfare. We met up the morning before in Juliette at the Whistle Stop Café, had fried green tomatoes, tried a little fishing off the dock in front of the cabin, and played bridge under Daddy’s enormous record elk. The next morning, we were up bright and early wearing our tiaras and waving our Union Jack flags as Meghan and Harry tied the knot. Walking gracefully as princesses to the cabin, we were greeted from across the lake as a fox chased a doe! Our version of a royal wedding “fry-up” breakfast followed with bubble squeak, homemade lemon curd, bangers, bacon, toast, mushrooms, beans, tomatoes and eggs. It was quite the full monty and jolly good!

Three of us had intentions of getting to Savannah in time to see the Belmont in the Village Grille. Fortunately, we were in two cars caravanning when apparently something was observed to have fallen from underneath my car followed by bellows of black smoke. Near Dublin, I was able to drive to a car parts store that proved to be the beginning of another adventure. Long story short ... We were there six hours, had a delicious meal in the historic downtown’s Company Supply, enjoyed a visit to Starbucks, and waved the queen’s goodbye to my car when we saw it being towed north back to Athens. C’est la vie. That was not going to stop us from our final destination via The Cottage in Bluffton, South Carolina (Trout Benedictine with medium poached eggs) the following morning and Hilton Head Island where we met Jennifer and played more bridge with the best view possible from our condo ~ the newly Stewart tartan vinyl “painted” lighthouse in the Harbour Town marina in Sea Pines Resort. By the way, it is the first lighthouse in the world to be wrapped in removable vinyl ... 3,400 square feet (more than half a mile) of it.

On Monday morning, I called my mechanic, Ashley, confirming that he had my car. “Susan, I don’t see it. Perhaps it is at my brother’s a few blocks away.” So, I called Courtney. “Hold on, let me check,” was his reply. Three minutes later, “Ugh, Susan, it’s not here.” I was not going to panic yet though I had specifically given instructions, directions through GPS, and shown a picture of the shop to David who towed my car. I called him next. “I left it between a bar and the BP Station.” That concerned me. “David, there is no bar next to where my mechanic is located. I am going to give you his number and would you please speak with him and let him know exactly where you left my car?” Five minutes later, I spoke again with Ashley and his response, “It’s at the carwash!” Yes, you know what happened next ... my friends could not stop teasing me and singing Rose Royce’s 1976 “At the Carwash.” Had not thought of that song in a gazillion years. Has a whole new meaning to me now.

Our CBS (Community Bible Study) ended for the year a few weeks ago and one of the main nuggets I learned was that our calendars and cheque books are evidence of our priorities. Good reminder! I had not missed a triple crown race since I was 19 years old (either by being at Churchill Downs or watching with fellow fans on TV). Four of us were planning to enjoy an afternoon of bridge and watch the Kentucky Derby in a friend’s new condo. She had recently purchased a huge smart TV that lost its internet connection before the race. Two weeks later, I missed the Belmont with six hours of “layover” in Dublin. Back-to-back triple crown races I missed... but I am still alive, am in good health and I was truly blessed with friends showing patience and kindness to me when I had car trouble. We made lemonade from lemons! Delicious food was consumed. Great songs were sung. Good cards were had by all. And, though I didn't see it live, I could still watch Justify win the races through amazing technology. And, I did get to see the marriage of two young people in love who are in positions to really make a difference in this world.

I continue to see God's hand in nature around the cabin and Elk Lodge with the catching of a shellcracker and turtle while fishing then the sighting of the ever-elusive coyote this morning. Unfortunately, it must be rabid because usually they are only heard not seen.

Happy Father’s Day next week ~ I hope each of you are remembered in special ways but let us not forget our heavenly Father as well who continues to love us despite ourselves and our adventures!



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