How do you beat the heat? Share your summer photos!

Sunday Scrapbook • Jun 24, 2017 at 10:30 AM

Sunday Stories invites you to share life’s memorable moments each week. And there's a place for nearly everything.

Community Scrapbook

Attending a local community event, snap a picture and share it with us! We love to highlight everything that's going on in our region and there's no better way to do that than by showing folks like you out and about enjoying those very activities. So, whether you're attending a parade, a concert, a volunteer work day or any other community happening, send us a snapshot! You can email your community scrapbook photos to us at [email protected]

Sunday Scrapbook

From family vacations and outdoor activities to mission trips and summer camps, we invite you to share your photos and stories each week in Sunday Scrapbook.

Currently, we're looking for photos that illustrate how you, your friends and/or your family members "Beat the Heat" during the summer months. So whether you're swimming, enjoying cool treats or just hanging out indoors with family or friends, snap some photos and share them with us!

We also welcome pictures from family vacations, reunions, birthday parties, mission trips, band camps, fundraising events and everyday life. The only thing we ask is that the photos be of an event that has already occurred, preferably within the past three months. Photos and information promoting upcoming events should be sent to: [email protected]

Any other scrapbook photos can be sent to [email protected]

Scrapbook Showcase

Is photography your thing? If so, send us a series of 8-10 related shots and your work might be featured in our Scrapbook Showcase ~ a full-color spread showcasing local photography.

To have a series of photos considered for our showcase, email high-resolution images (in small batches or zipped files) to [email protected]

This Week in Sports

Playing sports or practicing this summer? We have a place for your sports photos too, in This Week in Sports ~ a weekly online gallery celebrating you and your teams. No matter the age, no matter the outcome, we want to shine a spotlight on the effort of players and coaches throughout the region. So, whether you're attending a summer sports camp, playing a game or merely watching one, snap a photo and share it with us! To submit your photos, email them to [email protected] You can also tag us on Twitter @tnsportslive.

All photos should be sent in jpg format, as attachments to an email and not as a link to any outside site. Stories and story ideas are also welcome, so feel free to share those too. We can’t wait to hear from you!

It only takes a few minutes to email a picture - and the memories last a lifetime.

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