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Dr. Zachary Sumpter: Continuity, prevention go hand-in-hand

Suzi McKee • Aug 19, 2019 at 11:19 AM

When he was a young man growing up in Whitesburg, Kentucky, Zach Sumpter enjoyed the benefits of living in a rural area replete with fishing, hunting and outdoor activities that kept him physically and mentally fit. As a teenager, he became interested in computers and began to consider a career in software engineering as his life’s work. He also loved the medical field but chose to pursue a degree in computer science once he entered college. Once Zach had his degree in computer science from the University of Kentucky, he worked for five years in the industry for some small software companies.

“Having computer work as a hobby is one thing,” Zach explained, “but sitting at a desk for 40 hours a week with little or no interaction with others didn’t offer me the personal satisfaction or fulfillment that I wanted from my job.”

After discussing the matter with his wife, Elizabeth, Zach decided to go back to school and pursue a degree in medicine. He attended the University of Pikeville College of Osteopathic Medicine which is a four-year program. “I had two years of books, two years of rotations, and then residency which I did at ETSU Bristol.” Zach has relatives who live in Castlewood, so he was very familiar with the area.

Dr. Brian Daniels, a mentor for Zach, helped him to solidify his path into the ETSU Bristol program. “We visited the facility, really liked it, and fell in love with the faculty almost immediately. The instructors are strong Christians who become catalysts for medical students striving to be the best doctors that they can be.”

“We would come shopping for school clothes in Kingsport and go to the mall in Johnson City when I was a child, so I knew the quality of life in this area,” Zach continued. “This is a small area with light traffic and it’s a great place to raise a family.”

Zach’s interest in family medicine grew out of his passion for continuity of care for patients.

“In family medicine, I can see patients for over 20 years,” he began. “I can watch them grow, mature and enjoy health benefits that we’ve designed together for them. I really enjoy the coordination of care for patients and having them reach goals that they’ve set with my help.”

Zach also places emphasis on preventative medicine. By keeping screenings current and taking care of issues before they become major problems, Zach can assist patients with quality health care that involves less invasive medications.

With his family located in Bristol, Zach and Elizabeth are busy raising their daughters who enjoy soccer and dance. They’re also involved in their church and the activities held there regularly. “With undergraduate work, medical school, rotations and residency, we’ve been a busy little family for a number of years,” Zach shared. “It’s nice to raise our family in a place that’s so similar to where I grew up.”

On Aug. 1, Zach began his work with Mountain Region Family Medicine, an independent, physician-owned medical practice. He sees patients in Suite 2700 at The Press Building location in Downtown Kingsport. Interested patients can call (423) 230-2700 to set up an appointment.

“I’ll see patients from about 12 and up,” Zach added. “Providing professional health care is a passion of mine and reaching this dream has given me a great deal of personal satisfaction.”

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