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The Blake will offer new learning opportunities for residents

Amy Millhorn Leonard • Nov 6, 2017 at 5:30 PM

Little Blake called his grandmother “Gi Gi.” Their relationship was a special bond. Their interaction brought smiles, laughs and enrichment to both their lives, whether it be Gi Gi teaching grandson Blake to bake a caramel cake or Blake showing Gi Gi his latest electronic game. Not only did their relationship inspire each other, it inspired Blake’s father, Glenn.

The Blake, a new assisted living community, is opening in Kingsport in the summer of 2018. It is named for Blake Barclay, son of Glenn Barclay who is co-founder of Blake Management Group.

“Gi Gi was strong, fun and full of life,” Glenn says. “She loved to socialize and gave new meaning to the term, abundant life.” Their interactions inspired Glenn’s design and development of The Blake - a premier senior living development for senior adults. He centered everything for The Blake around that inspiration including building design, policies, procedures and services like new learning programs for residents.

“We stress new learning in our activities program. We know how important it is to give all of our guests, residents and families the chance to experience new things,” says Glenn. So there will be many new learning opportunities for seniors available at The Blake, including everything from classes and activities in art, crafts and music to monthly-themed recreation, movies in the theatre room, books from the on-site library or fun with new IN2L interactive technology.

It is very important within families to sit down and have a delicious meal together which is often hard to do in today’s busy life. The restaurant with a menu of delicious choices at The Blake will give residents and their families a wonderful opportunity to experience meal time together. “We focus a lot on our dining room program, making it special, making the food excellent, making people want to stop by, visit mom and, while they are here, have a great meal together,” Glenn explains.

Another integral part of The Blake’s programs for senior adult residents is exercise. Glenn shares, “We know how important exercise is for older adults.” The Blake will offer several areas and ways for seniors to exercise in new and innovative ways. “We incorporate yoga, tai chi, even martial arts, water aerobics and all kinds of exercise programs to keep it fresh and inviting for our residents,” he says.

Making a decision to move to a new place can be very daunting especially for senior adults. Many seniors have probably lived in their family homes for several years. They enjoy their community and having family and friends visit. However, taking care of a home can become more difficult as they age. Making a move to an assisted living community may be the perfect solution, but seniors and their families desire the best quality of life possible for them. Glenn and his family also faced this decision with Gi Gi.

“We understand the reservations, but what we had to look at was what she had to gain,” he says. Gi Gi moved into the first Blake facility.

In Kingsport The Blake will provide not only assisted living and memory care for senior residents by their dedicated staff, but also new learning, socialization and exercise opportunities.

“What we do is much more than a job. It’s something we think about 24 hours a day,” declares Glenn.

The Blake in Kingsport is set to open at 915 Holston Hills Drive in Colonial Heights in summer 2018. The Blake is currently accepting residents and anyone interested in reserving an apartment is encouraged to call Nicole Briggs at (423) 246-1100 or visit http://blakeliving.com/kingsport.

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