Author’s Corner: A Q&A with Heather Cook

Holly Viers • Nov 11, 2018 at 10:00 AM

Heather Cook knows being a mother comes with all sorts of challenges.

Inspired by her own experiences, Cook hopes to lighten the load for young mothers with her new book, “You’re Welcome, Mama.” Described as a lighthearted read for overwhelmed moms, the book will be released on Nov. 13, also known as World Kindness Day.

What’s Cook’s background?

Born and raised in Elizabethton, Cook has always lived in the Tri-Cities area. She attended ETSU as a Roan Scholar and now works for the city of Kingsport as director of marketing and public relations.

Cook spent a couple years working on “You’re Welcome, Mama,” as a side project. Once she compiled her thoughts and stories into book form, she shared it with 20 young mothers who all seemed to benefit from it. From there, she decided to move forward with publishing.

“I really wanted to release it now because I feel like it’s gift-giving time, and I want this to be a gift to young mamas,” Cook said. “So grandpas and dads and everybody can get involved to help young mamas.”

What can readers expect?

To write the book, Cook drew from her experiences as a mother. She shares several stories about raising her daughter, Piper, and hopes they will resonate with young moms.

“As a young mother, I kept finding two things, really: One, how we act like we have it all together all the time, and we’re actually really vulnerable and need help and we won’t ask for it,” Cook said. “Then the other piece is we’re frazzled, we’re exhausted, we’re overwhelmed and we’re crazy and we wonder why. And it’s because we don’t take time to take care of ourselves. We’re taking care of everything else, everybody else, and not ourselves. So it’s just this motivational book that takes you through a journey with super bite-sized ways to be good to yourself.”

How can readers purchase the book?

Though the book will be sold at a few local stores, it will primarily be available on Amazon in paperback and electronic versions. The paperback will be available for $9.99, while the e-book will be $3.99.

Cook is inviting the public to a launch party at Style in downtown Kingsport on Nov. 15 at 5:30 p.m. Readers can purchase the book on Amazon using two-day shipping and receive it in time for the event, Cook said.

What’s next?

Cook doesn’t have concrete plans for another book, though she’s considering creating a workbook to accompany “You’re Welcome, Mama.”

“You’ve got the bite-sized challenges in the book that I’ve written, but the workbook would be in an exercise form to actually walk through and create a plan for yourself,” Cook said. “So I’m thinking about doing something like that, which would probably be more universal, because I think the themes in my book apply to everyone.”

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