Author’s Corner: A Q&A with Jack Stallard

Holly Viers • Mar 17, 2018 at 7:00 PM

KINGSPORT — Jack Stallard is no stranger to writing.

From college textbooks to newspaper columns to his recently published book, “Don’t Call Me Doctor,” Stallard’s work spans a broad spectrum that both local and national readers have enjoyed.

For this month’s book column, I sat down with Stallard to learn more about his background and what inspired him to write his latest work.

What’s your background?

Stallard was born in Stanleytown, a small community in Scott County. After graduating from Rye Cove Memorial High School in 1955, he attended Campbellsville Junior College in Kentucky for one year before dropping out and moving to Columbus, Ohio.

While there, he worked clerical jobs in order to save money to continue his college education. He later returned to Campbellsville for his second year of college and then transferred to what was then called East Tennessee State College. He received his bachelor’s degree from there in 1961.

After teaching business courses in public schools and serving part time in the Virginia National Guard, Stallard received his master’s degree from East Tennessee State University in 1968. He then completed his doctoral degree at Ohio State University and began his collegiate teaching career.

Now that he’s retired, Stallard enjoys singing and playing piano at local gatherings and assisted living facilities. He also writes a column for the weekly newspaper in Gate City and is an active member of First Baptist Church in Kingsport.

What inspired you to write this book?

Stallard said “Don’t Call Me Doctor” is an ordered collection of the columns he’s written for Gate City’s weekly newspaper. The columns include stories from his life growing up, his teaching days and the adventures of his retirement.

He first began writing the columns because of his sister, Vonda Davis, who wrote for the Gate City newspaper for several years.

“She kept saying, ‘Will you help me with this article?’ and I thought she meant put it on the computer, word process it and send it electronically; that’s not what she meant,” Stallard said. “So I became a co-author in 2012, and she would write part of the article and I would write part.

“We did that for years up until two months before she passed away. That’s the way I got into writing these articles, and then the book is really a compilation of those.”

What kind of response have you gotten from the book?

Stallard said he’s received a lot of positive feedback on his book since it published in August. In total, it’s sold around 350 copies, many of which he’s sold himself.

“I know a lot of people here, and the word’s sort of out that I’ve written this book,” Stallard said. “I’ve sold, myself, I’d say 150 copies.”

Stallard’s book is self-published through Create Space, a division of Amazon. It’s available as either an e-book ($9.95) or a hardcopy ($12.95) on Amazon.com, and hardcopies are also being sold at I Love Books in the Fort Henry Mall.

To order the book online, simply search for “Jack Stallard” on Amazon and click “Don’t Call Me Doctor.” You can then choose your shipping option and, once you’ve read the book, you can leave an online review, Stallard said.

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