Floating stage could return to the Holston River

Matthew Lane • May 23, 2018 at 8:57 AM

KINGSPORT — A floating stage could be coming back to Riverfront Park.

In case you’re not aware of what a floating stage is or that Riverfront Park even had one, it’s just like the name implies — a stage that’s on the water.

At one point, the park had one, located just upstream from the Netherland Inn. Today, only the two concrete support structures remain.

“Early on when it was put in there were some concerts held down there, different activities done in conjunction with Netherland Inn, the city and Fun Fest,” said Chris McCartt, assistant city manager for administration. “Over time, the stage fell into disrepair, and about seven years ago it was removed.”

Since then, the city has had conversations among staff and others in the community about the idea of building a new floating stage on that site.

On Tuesday, the city received a small contribution toward that idea from the Tennessee Valley Authority.

Bert Robinson, director of government relations with the TVA, presented the city with a $3,000 contribution to support Kingsport’s ongoing work along the Holston River.

McCartt said the money would go toward the design funds that will ultimately give the city an idea of what could be built on the support structures and at what cost.

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