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HARDTACK and HARD TIMES: Skirmish at Brooks Farm Day One.

July 27th, 2014 2:16 am by Ned Jilton

HARDTACK and HARD TIMES: Skirmish at Brooks Farm Day One.

Motorist surprised to see Yankee cavalry at the Skirmish at Brook's Farm. Photo by Ned Jlton II

Motorist driving along Blue Springs Road in Carter County may have thought they had arrived at a driver check-point being conducted by Yankee Cavalry, actually they had arrived at the Skirmish at Brooks Farm.

What is becoming an annual event in the Stoney Creek area of Carter County takes place on the site where the only Confederate company of infantry from Carter County was formed by Reuben Brooks Jr. and his two sons, Captain James Brooks and 2nd Lt. William Brooks. It would become Company C of the 59th TN. Volunteer Infantry. The last regiment that could claim to be and all volunteer as the Confederate draft helped to fill all regiments that came later.

One of the highlights of the reenacting site is the Civil War era house that provided the back drop for the action. The house added historical flair, you can stand where the men stood to make their mark to join the Rebel army. The house, combined with a good turn-out of reenactors for a rare evening battle, made for a nice and entertaining first day.

The Yankees attacked out of the woods and were initially pushed back by the Confederate defenders but that previously mentioned Cavalry attacked from behind and the Rebels were caught between the two Federal lines and finally forced to surrender. Something along the lines of the 1862-63 raid by Gen. Samuel P. Carter, a Carter County native that fought for the Union.

Of course Sunday is another day with another battle, which will take place at 2pm, and maybe the results will be different.

A trip to the Skirmish is nice just to see the Civil War era house and when the shooting is done you can stop by Sycamore Shoals State Historic Area for a history bonus.

To get to the skirmish you take Highway 91, Stoney Creek Highway, from Elizabethton toward Unaka High School. After passing the high school the highway goes from four lanes to two, at mile marker #9, Blue Springs Rd will be on the right and the skirmish should be a quarter-mile on the left, 1548 Blue Springs Road. Maybe the cavalry will be waiting for you.

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