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Hawkins school prayer walk scheduled for Sunday, Aug. 3

July 27th, 2014 8:00 pm by Jeff Bobo

Hawkins school prayer walk scheduled for Sunday, Aug. 3

ROGERSVILLE — The public is invited to attend the second annual HawkinsCounty School Prayer Walk scheduled for afternoon of Sunday, Aug. 3 —the day before the 2014-15 school year starts.

The event is organized by Rogersville based Christian organization

Expecting God's Help (EGH), and will take place at every school in thecounty between 2-4 p.m. that Sunday afternoon.

Participants of the School Prayer Walk are encouraged to visit theschools their children attend during time. If they don't have childrenin school, they should visit the schools in their community.

EGH co-founder Dr. Blaine Jones said prayer guides will be posted on the

EGH website prior to the event (, and willalso be posted on the EGH Facebook page.

"With the (school shooting conspiracy) incident that happened atVolunteer High School, it made everybody a little bit more aware of whatcould go on in our schools," Jones said. "This event is a big part oftrying to put a hedge of protection around our schools — Hawkins Countyand Rogersville City. I think it's important that everybody considercoming out and join in on the prayer walk, and if they can't be there,pray for the schools during that time."

Among the suggested prayers will be praying for all of the teachers, theadministrators, and all who work at the schools.

Another suggestion will be praying that students will be respectful ofone another and school staff, and that they will refrain from bullying.

"We're just praying for overall safety and health of the schools andthose who attend and work there this year," Jones added.

Jones said a press release with more details about the event should besent out next week.

Earlier this week a release was sent to Hawkins County churches askingthem to remind their parishioners about the event, asking them to visittheir local schools that afternoon, and also asking them to find ways tocontinue ministering to schools throughout the school year.

The announcement sent to churches states, "Prayer is the strongestweapon to battle the drug situation in our county as well as the manyother problems we face. As a Christian family we need to unify, we needto repent and we need to pray for protection for our children andgrandchildren."

Some suggestions for ongoing school ministry beyond the Aug. 3 eventinclude:

*Continued prayer walks around the school weekly, biweekly or monthly.

*A specific time to pray for the administration of the schools.

*A specific time to pray for the teachers; the students; assistants;other staff; bus drivers.

*A specific time to pray for the parents / caregivers of the children

*A send notes of encouragement to the school and their leaders

*As well, consider prayer for any other concerns of your community,county, state, nation

The schools where the Aug. 3 prayer walks will take place include:Mooresburg Elementary, Bulls Gap Middle, St. Clair Elementary,Rogersville City; Rogersville Middle, Hawkins Elementary, Joseph RogersPrimary, Rogersville Middle, Cherokee High School, Keplar Elementary,Clinch School, Surgoinsville Elementary, Surgoinsville Middle, McPhetersBend Elementary, Carters Valley Elementary, Church Hill Middle,Volunteer High School, Church Hill Elementary, Church Hill Intermediate,and Mount Carmel Elementary.

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