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Naked Blountville man advertises he's 'For Sale'

July 18th, 2014 12:04 pm by Rain Smith

Naked Blountville man advertises he's 'For Sale'

The blotter is derived from recent incident reports and central dispatch records of area police agencies.

Hawkins County Sheriff's Office

July 11

A deputy working as a "courtesy officer" for a Church Hill apartment complex was alerted to an intoxicated man at the pool. "Several complaints" indicated he was falling down and creating a disturbance. The officer found the suspect, 48, "in the children's pool." When asked to step out he "stumbled around...seemed disoriented and confused." After performing poorly on field sobriety tests he was arrested for public intoxication.

While attempting to keep her husband and his mother from fighting, according to a Rogersville woman, her mother-in-law hit and shoved her. The suspect gave a conflicting account of events, with police unable to determine a primary aggressor.

July 12

An officer observed a Ford Thunderbird "stop in the middle" of North Central Avenue in Church Hill. The driver then proceeded to drive in reverse in the roadway, which is improper backing, and steered into a driveway. A check of the driver found he's a habitual motor offender with revoked license, while a beer was observed beside his car. He admitted to throwing it out the window when he spotted police. He was arrested.

Kingsport Police Department

July 14

The manager of a Fort Henry Drive convenience store reported $970 stolen from the office. An employee working at the time of the theft was questioned, telling police that a man had entered, "with a towel over his head while carrying a backpack...walked directly to the back of the business." A few minutes later he reemerged, according to her statements, and exited through the front doors. A review of surveillance footage confirmed the clerk's account of events, with the case forwarded to detectives for further investigation.

A woman at Belk in the Fort Henry Town Center placed 18 items of clothing -- valued at $944 -- into a bag and walked out. Once stopped by loss prevention she admitted to the theft, "was cooperative and apologetic." Police responded to arrest the woman for felony theft. A report notes that during the incident, the suspect was accompanied by her daughter, age 5.

July 15

Police were alerted to a woman "screaming in the area of Watauga Street." An officer located and questioned the suspect, who claimed her friend was in the hospital, that's why she's upset. The woman also "repeated questions and comments" while speaking to police, and eventually confessed that she had, "Just shot up 'Tek.'" When asked to hand over anything illegal, she unloaded her stash onto the sidewalk: three syringes, digital scale, six small baggies, two straws, a tin containing rock-like pieces of tablet. She was arrested.

Sullivan County Sheriff's Office

July 15

A woman called police on her husband's boss, claiming that the supervisor refuses to give him his pay check.

At 1:30 a.m., central dispatch was alerted to a suspicious man near an apartment complex on Highway 75 in Blountville. According to a 911 caller, the individual was talking to himself. And naked. And carrying a "For Sale" sign. A witness last spotted him walking towards the airport, but a police check of the area couldn't find him.

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