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Man seeks arrest to visit son in jail

July 14th, 2014 9:00 pm by Rain Smith

Man seeks arrest to visit son in jail

The blotter is derived from recent incident reports and central dispatch records of area police agencies.

Sullivan County Sheriff's Office

July 9

The manager of a Kingsport gun store called police about a man "acting strange." Upon arrival a deputy found the suspect sitting on a stool in front of a showcase, "nodding in and out of sleep." Police escorted the man outside for questioning, at which time one empty and one open container of alcohol were observed in his vehicle. A deputy notes that the suspect also "continued to fall asleep standing up" and had to "catch himself on his vehicle." He was arrested for public intoxication.

July 11

On Deck Valley Road, a 12-year-old "rolled a large plastic table down a hill," striking a parked truck. The vehicle owner didn't wish to pursue charges.

July 14

An officer spoke with an assault victim at the hospital. He stated that he was lying in bed with his girlfriend when a man he knows entered the home, striking him multiple times with a blunt object. The man incurred serious injury in the incident, with police noting his mouth was wired shut, but didn't wish to pursue charges against the suspect.

Dispatch was advised of a man "slumped over behind the wheel" of his vehicle, which was parked outside a Bloutnville auto parts store. He told a responding officer that he was "just sleepy," while a check of his records revealed two active warrants. After being taken into custody police located a pill crusher and white residue inside his vehicle, prompting an additional charge of possession of drug paraphernalia.

Kingsport Police Department

July 12

A resident of Gibson Mill Road called 911 seven times in one hour, with dispatch determining he didn't have an emergency. When told to stop calling he threatened to commit suicide, adding that he would "continue to call until an officer arrived." Police then visited his home and placed him under arrest, charging him with misuse of 911.

July 13

At the intersection of Clinchfield Street and West Sullivan, a Dodge Caravan struck a crosswalk pole and knocked it to the ground, then fled the scene. The suspect vehicle was later located at a residence on Fain Avenue, where a woman admitted to driving during the incident. When asked why she hadn't reported a crash, she offered that she had, "freaked out." She was then arrested for failure to maintain control, leaving the scene and failure to have insurance.

At 9:20 p.m. multiple incidents of vandalism were reported on Broad Street, with three suspects allegedly spotted, "spray painting the walls of several businesses." An officer located the suspects running down an alley and stopped them, but they denied tagging the buildings. One of the suspects, a juvenile, had black paint on his hands and a can of paint in his pants. His first name also matched one of those that had been painted onto a brick wall. His cohorts, 19 and 20, were also found to have spray paint "stuffed down the front" of their pants. All three were charged with vandalism, with the two adults transported to the jail for booking. The juvenile was released on a misdemeanor citation to his grandmother.

Wise County Sheriff's Office

July 12

A 911 caller from Big Stone Gap reported a girl "just ran down the road with no shirt on." She said several individuals at a home next door were also outside with no shirts, adding she was "very upset" over her children spotting the "streaker."

A man from Coeburn had a question for dispatch: If he drinks beer, will police come and take him to jail in Duffield? That's where his son is incarcerated on a 30-day sentence — his first stint behind by bars —and his father was worried for his well being, wished to be there with him. The caller said he doesn't drink, "but is willing to" if it will get him to his son.

July 13

A caller suspected her neighbors were smoking pot, as her grandson has allergies and started "coughing his head off." She said she then shut the windows to keep the smoke from wafting inside her residence. She also lamented that her neighborhood used to be nice, but has gone downhill with the new renters next door.

A man called 911 after doing his court ordered litter pickup along a road in Coeburn. He was upset that someone drove by and called him a "child molester." He advised a dispatcher that he is not a child molester, just "a sex offender."

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